Monday, October 19, 2009

Oliver - Page Deed (14 January 1857)

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William P. Womack
Matilda Womack

Henry F. Adkins
Frances Adkins

John F. Wagstaff
Elizabeth Caroline Wagstaff

Henderson House
Linsey Oliver
John G. Oliver
W. W. Oliver

Property Description

Louis H. Love
Black Jack McKenny
Potash Page

The transferors listed appear to be the children (and husbands of daughters) of Durett Oliver and Matilda Lea Oliver.

1. Matilda Oliver m. William Peeples Womack
2. Frances Oliver m. Henry F. Adkins
3. Ann C. Oliver m. Henderson House
4. Elizabeth Caroline Oliver m. John F. Wagstaff
5. John G. Oliver (son of Durett Oliver)
6. Linsey/Lindsay Oliver (son of Durett Oliver)
7. W. W. Oliver could be William Oliver (son of Durett Oliver)


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