Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Book: Caswell County

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Caswell County

Sep 29, 2009 - 04:51:50 pm CDT Caswell County was born in 1777 during the American Revolution and named to honor Richard Caswell, the first governor of North Carolina. Lying in the north central part of the state, Caswell's rolling countryside abounds with soil well-suited for many crops, particularly tobacco. The resulting wealth and influence produced institutions and structures unsurpassed elsewhere in the state. In a new pictorial history book compiled by The Caswell County Historical Association, more than 200 vintage photographs commemorate the many historical landmarks that have made Caswell County a popular destination for heritage tourism.
Highlights of Caswell County:

County boasts two National Historic Districts, one national landmark and numerous structures on the National Register of Historic Places:

The bank of the county seat, Yanceyville, which before the Civil War was one of the best-capitalized banks in the South

During a period in the early 19th century, both the speakers of North Carolina's Senate and House of Commons were from Caswell County.

All profits from the book will be used to keep the Richmond-Miles History Museum run by volunteers of the Caswell Historical Association open.

The book is available at area bookstores, independent retailers and online retailers or through Arcadia Publishing at (888) 313-2665 or

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