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Pelham, North Carolina Post Office History

The Heritage of Caswell County, North Carolina, Jeannine D. Whitlow, Editor (1985) at 51 (, "Pelham Post Office" by Adele Walton Morris):

A fourth-class Post Office at Pelham was established on July 1, 1887, and John Archer Pierce, agent for the Southern Railroad Company, was appointed the first Postmaster. The office was located in the depot, and the Post Office equipment consisted of a section of homemade pigeon holes. For some time the quarterly sales of postage amounted to no more than $5.00. Mr. Pierce held this office until May 23, 1893, when James Obediah Fitzgerald was appointed Postmaster and the office was moved across the railroad into his store. Mr. Fitzgerald held the office until his death, a period of forty-seven years. Paul Vincent Fitzgerald was appointed Postmaster to succeed his father on February 1, 1940.

The Post Office advanced from fourth class to third class at this time. Mr. Fitzgerald remained Post Master until his retirement in 1956. On September 5, 1958, Charlie N. Morris was appointed Postmaster to succeed Mr. Fitzgerald. The office was still located in the Fitzgerald store building. On July 29, 1961, the new Post Office building was dedicated. The new building was located across highway 29 from the store building. This is the same building that the Post Office is located in today.

Mr. Morris continued serving as Postmaster until his retirement in 1976. On December 17, 1977, Adele Walton Morris was appointed Postmaster. She had served as clerk of the office since 1958. Besides being clerk she worked at the Greensboro Post Office for four years and served as Officer-In-Charge at Milton, N.C. Post Office for three months.

Serving as Rural Carriers at Pelham have been the following:

1904 Louis Stokes Gatewood
1909 Marlow Park, Ben Fitzgerald
1924-1957 James H. Fowlkes
1937-1976 J. Neal McGee (subcarrier)
1976-1982 J. Neal McGee (regular carrier)
1957-1983 Fred E. Cox
1983-present J. C. Powell (Route #1)
1982-present Arnie Chilton (Route #2)
1983 Mrs. Glenda Porter (relief carrier Route #1)
1983 Mrs. Leslie Cline (relief carrier Route #2)
1983 Mrs. Loretta Moon (Postmaster leave replacement)

Mrs. Morris is still serving as Postmaster. Until 1983 the Post Office building was still owned by the Fitzgerald family. It was purchased in 1983 by Mr. Hugh Pryor of Pelham.

Sources: Post Office records, personal knowledge.

----- Adele Walton Morris

Name Title Date Appointed

Mrs. Merial Adele Morris Postmaster 12/17/1977
Marchia A. Wells Officer-In-Charge
Rose Creed Officer-In-Charge 10/01/1992
Marchia A. Wells Officer-In-Charge
Charles C. Massey Jr. Officer-In-Charge 01/20/1993
Charles C. Massey Jr. Postmaster 03/20/1993
Kathy Van Sutphin Officer-In-Charge 10/14/1994
Donna T. Vaughn Postmaster 04/01/1995
William Chris Johnson Officer-In-Charge 02/01/1996
William Chris Johnson Postmaster 04/27/1996