Thursday, July 02, 2009

1823 Archibald Murphey Letter to Bartlett Yancey

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Archibald Debow Murphey was born near Red House Presbyterian Church in what now is the Semora Community of Caswell County. He attended the University of North Carolina, was a lawyer, served in the North Carolina Senate, and was interested in improving the state's infrastructure and educational system. Murphey also advocated efforts to preserve the history of North Carolina. He proposed to author such a work, but lacked the necessary funds. In 1823 Murphey sent a letter to Bartlett Yancey, then Speaker of the North Carolina Senate, requesting state funding for the project. Bartlett Yancey (1785-1828), a colleague and friend of Murphey, was born (and died) in Caswell County. The letter from Murphey to Yancey (and the proposed legislative resolution) can be seen above and at:

1823 Archibald Debow Murphey Letter

No funding was authorized, and Murphey did not undertake the project.

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