Tuesday, June 30, 2009

1936 Bartlett Yancey High School Class

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Miss Julia Satterwaite, teacher, may be the wife of Robert Lee Mitchelle, Jr. (his father was Clerk of the Caswell Court in the 1920s).

Arthur Moorefield: Arthur William Moorefield, Jr. (1917-1975).

Henry Samuel Guthrie (1916-2008).

Lynn Banks Williamson (1918-1987) married married Geneva Clayton, daughter of George Lee Clayton and Leona Moorefield Clayton. Lynn Banks Williamson was Caswell County sheriff 1953-1958.

S. H. Abel is Sheffield H. Abel (born c. 1899).

Ryland Farmer, Samuel Ryland Farmer (1919-1999) bought the local Ford dealership from Johnny Gunn. Farmer Lake is named for him.

Mary Hatchett shown as a teacher may have married Claude Price, who operated Price's Super Market on the Square in Yanceyville.

Teacher C. V. McKinney, Clyde Vernon McKinney (1908-1955), was on the UNC varsity baseball and football teams.

Catherine Butler (1917-2006) married Curtiss Bass and had several children.

Hulon Briggs, Oscar Hulon Briggs (c.1919-2007), was a much-decorated World War II veteran (top gunner on a B-24). He died only recently.

Irma Davis, Irma Cornelia Davis, was a daughter of George Thomas Davis and Bessie Margaret Leath.

Frances Gutherie: Frances Gutherie Wiley (1918-2005). She married Morris C. Wiley, who died in 1994.

T. Frances Enoch (born c. 1918), daughter of L. Jefferson and Vernie Lee Enoch.

There was a Meeler family from Leasburg.

Vera Irene Hunter (1919-1997), daughter of Thomas Parks Hunter and Sarah Jeanette Powell, married Grover Washington Creech, Jr. (1917-1999). Vera Irene Hunter Creech is buried at the First Baptist Church of Yanceyville.

There was a Maness family that lived in Yanceyville for what seemed a short while. The family head may have been associated with one of the hosiery mills.

Ethyl Steed (1917-1987) was the daughter (and only child) of T. E. Steed. She married John Slade Dailey (1908-1975).

The John Fowlkes probably is John Wesley Fowlkes (1917-1958). He married Mary Stuart Dameron and had a daughter, Nancy Stuart Fowlkes (who married Jimmy Neighbors).

The Olive Smith is Ruby Olive Smith. She was the daughter of Oscar Smith and Catherine Bradner. This Catherine Bradner had a brother named Lancelot L. Bradner (father of Mabel Bradner who married John Miller Pleasant).

Isabel White, Sallie Isabel White (1919-2006) married Clarence Poe Rice, and they had two children (Judy and Jim). Isabel White's aunt, Ella Sue White, married Robert Thomas Wilson (brother of the William Sidney Wilson discussed below).

Harry Slade, Jr., Harry Clay Slade, Jr. (1917-1981), was part of the large Slade family from Purley. They inter-married with the Hodges, Daileys, and Woods. Thus, it was logical that Mrs. Woods catered the event. She was Lois Burton Woods (1908-1988), mother of John B. Woods and Andy Green Woods.

Robert Newman, Robert Pulliam Newman, Jr. (born 1917), was from Leasburg. He was a cousin of the Annie Newman who married Johnny Gunn (Ford dealership and for whose family the Gunn Memorial Library in Yanceyville is named).

Clifton Smith is Jeter Clifton Smith (1917-2002), brother of Ruby Olive Smith Hooper mentioned above.

Evelyn Watlington, Evelyn Rhebecca Watlington (1917-1991), was a daughter of Robert Lindsey Watlington. She married Joseph Hayes Jones and had three children.

Azariah Graves Thompson, Azariah Graves (Azzie) Thompson, Jr. (1918-2004) was from the Thompson family in Leasburg. He went on to become president of a fairly large bank. His mother's sister was Dorothy Yarbrough Zimmerman, long the school supervisor in Caswell County.

Sidney Wilson probably is William Sidney Wilson (1919-1994). He was a very interesting chap. As an engineering student at NC State he invented the first modern electric guitar. An article appeared on him in the January 2009 issue of Our State magazine.

Teacher Mrs. Giles Mebane was the former Edna Earl Watkins (1885-1988), daughter of Daniel Gunn Watkins and Lydia Ann Powell. Her husband operated dry cleaning business in Yanceyville. But Little & Lea may have been the first dry cleaners in business (operated by the prominent Little and Lea families).

Evelyn Chandler (born c.1920) and Alvis Julian Chandler (1918-2006) were siblings, children of Clyde Thomas Chandler and Linnie Myrtle Myers.