Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"Bone Creek"

Bone Creek

Take seven local blues musicians. Put them under lock and key in the Caswell County jail. Add one pretty ingénue photographer on a mission to preserve the rural South before bulldozers turn it into a strip mall. Mix in one crusty old moonshiner, a spirit woman, a guitar player on the lam from the law, revenuers and dramatis personae of assorted raffish characters.

The result is “Bone Creek,” a new feature film from broadcasting and cinema professor Dr. Emily Edwards that mixes music with drama and magical realism.

Ten UNCG students were involved in various aspects of production, from script supervision to costume design and acting. One of the stars of “Bone Creek” is noted folk artist and musician Lorenzo “Logie” Meachum, a doctoral student in the English Department.

The film will premier later this year.


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  1. Thanks for the info about the film!

    I found out that the movie is going to be showing at the Greensboro Carousel Cinemas on Battleground Ave October 24-26. www.carouselcinemas.com