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Pinnix Family Research

The following items were found by a Pinnix family descendant in the files of the Caswell County Historical Association:

1. Almeda Pinnix D 1897 Sept 20th or 27th

2. B.E. Pinnix B 1821 D Unknown

3. Barbara J. Pinnix

4. Betsy Pinnix Unknown dates buried in Pinnix cemetery

5. Cora Frances Pinnix B Oct 21, 1863 D March 17, 1924 buried in Bethel Cemetery;
Married to Benjamin F. Walker

6. Mary Elizabeth Pinnix B May 2, 1834 D Oct 12, 1903 buried in cemetery at Yanceville Methodist Church. Married Joseph G. Pinnix.

7. Ella Joe Pinnix -2nd daughter of Joseph G. and Mary Elizabeth. B July 19,1858 D 1858. Buried at Yanceyville Methodist Cemetary.

8. J.C. Pinnix B 1820 D 1866

9 . James Marshall Pinnix –son of Joseph G. and Mary Elizabeth. D Aug 29, 1858 at 2 months and 5 days old.

10. John C. Pinnix killed son and drowned self on May 20, 1885.

11. Mrs. Esther Walker- married to Dr. John A. Pinnix. B 1874 D 1949 buried at Bethel Cemetary.

12. Mrs. Eugenia Swift- married to Charlie (Charles) Pinnix. She was the daughter of J.M. Swift and B. Lownes. Charles Pinnix was a lawyer in Arkansas.

13. Pinnix family cemetery located on Hassel Byrd farm 2 miles east of Kerr's chapel missionary Baptist church.

14. George Knox Pinnix – unknown dates

15. George W. Pinnix (Penix) –Pd. 50 cents for land for Bush Arbour Meetinghouse.

16.Ida May Pinnix B Nov 1967 D 1895 in Caswell County. Married to A Clay Murray.

17. Dr. John Alexander Pinnix- 2,000 people attended his funeral. His parents were John Calvin and Barbara Pinnix. He married Esther Hattie Walker. Her parents were L.A. Walker and Mrs. A Clay. B 1846 D 1931. At the age of 80, he attended the confederate reunion in 1926. Esther was from Baynes Store, NC, Anderson Township, Caswell County.

18. J.C. Pinnix- Published in the Caswell Messenger in 1926 on Methodism. B 1820. D 1866. Buried in Pinnix Cemetary.

19. John Brooks Pinnix- son of John G. and Hannah S. Pinnix. B Sept 7, 1880 D May 20 1885. Buried in Kerr's Chapel Cemetary.

20. John G. Pinnix- B April 9, 1845 D May 20, 1885. Buried in Kerr's Chapel Cemetary.

21. Joseph Pinnix (pennix) married Betsy Kerr daughter of John and Mary Graves Kerr.

22. Capt. Joseph C. Pinnix of N.C. militia married Mary Elizabeth. Buried in Yanceyville Meth. Cemetary. B Sept 2, 1826 D April 12, 1908

23. Lillie Mae Pinnix- daughter of Col. Joseph C. and Mrs. Cary Howard King. She married Cary King of Caswell County. B Oct 7, 1867

24. Mary A. Pinnix D 1898

25. W.B. Pinnix – Cousin of Dr. J.A. Pinnix of Danville also of Mrs. Hatchett of Ruffin, NC and J. Charles Pinnix a lawyer in Murfreesboro, Arkansas. W.B. is the son of Alexander Kerr Pinnix. The name of Alexander was given to him in honor of Alexander of Pelham who was magistrate for 50 years.

26. Mrs. Willie Mae Pinnix- daughter of Mrs. Annie McCullock Eastwood.

27. Capt. Thomas Graves married Katherine. Born in England in 1608. Came over on the Mary and Margarett. D Aug 9, 1637. Settled on the James River.

28. Mary Graves B Jan 26, 1754 in James City County, Va D Feb 22,1831 . Married John Kerr

    • Their children were:
    • Rev. John Kerr Married Elizabeth Williams
    • Polly Kerr
    • Isabella Kerr married Christopher Brooks
    • Betsy Kerr married Joseph Pinnix
    • Nancy Kerr married Benjamin Lea
    • James Kerr married Frances McNeil

  1. Siblings of Graves:

John Herndon, Barzillai, Ann, Solomon, James, Azariah, Thomas, Isabella.


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