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Connally United Methodist Church

Milton, North Carolina


"On October 1, 1821 one and one-third acres of land was purchased from John Pass of the County of Caswell and the state of North Carolina of the one part and Thomas Connally, William Connally, John McCain, Samuel Smith, John Smith, Newman Durham, William Chiles and Merry Maynard; trustees appointed by the Methodist Society of the other part witnesseth that the said John Pass for and in consideration of the desire he was promoting the worship of God and further consideration of one dollar to him in hand paid by the trustees aforesaid hath given, granted, bargained, and sold this land."

This parcel of land was on the road leading from the Red House in Semora, N.C. to Milton, N.C. A nearby spring provided water for the church.

Witness: Samuel Dunnaway and John H. McAden (see book V, page 286 in the Register of Deeds Office in Caswell Courthouse.)

According to other information obtained from the Register of Deeds Office in the Courthouse "one-fifth of an acre of land was purchased on June 28, 1824, form Charles Wilson and Jeremiah Dixon by John McAden, Jr., and John Giles, Merry Maynard, and Samuel H. Smith to add on to the land on which Connally Meeting House already stood." (See Book W, page 42 in Register of Deeds Office.)

The first church is remembered as a long log structure on the left side of the road near Alec Cobb's home on what was once Linsey Moore land. This information has been passed down by Connally Church members from one generation to another.


From records in the Courthouse, "one and one-half acres of land was purchased from Caleb Richmond by William Connally, David Elliott and others on March 29, 1855" on which to build the second Connally Church. (see Book ll, page 102 in Register of Deeds Office.) It was said Mr.
Buck Connally built the second Connally Church. It was located between the first church and what later was the third church. Two known members of this second church were Mrs. Mamie Worsham Gillespie and Mrs John McCann.

After a railroad was built so near this second church that the trains frightened the horses and caused them to break loose, the members decided they needed to move the church again. The second church as later used as a tobacco barn and burned.


On December 1, 1890 onE and one-half acres of land was exchanged with Mr. Nat Richmond and his wife Lizzie and Mrs. Ellen A Ramseur, all of Caswell County, to Mr. William Connally, David T. Elliott, James E Barker, H.T. Barker, Jasper Fleming and Sidney Stephens, trustees of Connally Church, for two acres of land on which the Third Connally Church was built. (See
Book W, page 546 in Register of Deeds Office.)

The third and present Connally Church was completed in 1888. We have been told the third church was built by Nat Richmond and William Nichols. Thirty babies were christened the day of the first Sunday in August 1888 by Rev. J. H. Shore. Among the babies were George Evan, Lewis Gee, Robert Nichols and Ora Reagan There is a rather large cemetery at the present Connally church which at this time (1998) is kept in good condition.

As far as information is available following is a list of the early Ministers who have served Connally Church:

James R. Nicholson 1845
Soloman Lea 1865
Rev Foggs
Rev Earnhart John H. Shore 1888
L.L. Nash 1890
John H. Shore 1890-94
E.E. Rose 1894-95
W.M. Moore 1890-96
E.W. Fox 1896-98
N.C. Yearly 1900-02
J.A. Dailey 1902-06
T.S. Ellers 1911-12
S.F. Nicks 1912-15
J.E. Blalock 1915-19


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