Thursday, September 13, 2007

Period Dresses

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The dresses shown above belonged to Miss Ella Graves Thompson (1886-1970) (darker dress) and Miss Helen Williams Graves (1882-1964) (lighter dress). The dresses were were stored in a trunk under the downstairs stairway on the kitchen side. The house was the Nicholas Thompson homeplace in Leasburg, Caswell County, North Carolina. These photographs were given to a family friend after Ella Graves Thompson died in 1970.

The young ladies wearing the old dresses are thought to be nieces of Ella Graves Thompson, possibly Ella Williams Thompson and Nancy Thompson, daughter's of Azariah Graves Thompson (1885-1963) and Lula Belle Stephens (1890-1977). The location is the Nicholas Thompson House in Leasburg, Caswell County, North Carolina.

To see more on these families go to the Caswell County Family Tree.


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