Saturday, October 07, 2006

Forest Home

The above photograph of Forest Home is from Carl Goerch, "Caswell County", The State: A Weekly Survey of North Carolina, 28 November 1942 at 1-3 and 16-19 (Reprinted by Permission of the Publisher). Note that Our State: Down Home in North Carolina kindly granted the CCHA permission to use this photograph but reserves all rights.

To see this article, go to Caswell County 1942.

This second photograph is from An Inventory of Historic Architecture: Caswell County, North Carolina, Ruth Little-Stokes (1979) at 110 (Copyright 1979 by Caswell County Historical Association, Inc -- All Rights Reserved).

The two wings to the main structure were added by Helen Purefoy Poteat, daughter of William Louis Poteat, when she restored the house. At the time, she was Mrs. Gordon Marshall. However, her first husband was the famous playwright Laurence Stallings.
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