Friday, February 14, 2020

George Pierce McKinney Family

The group photograph is the family of George Pierce McKinney (1854-1931) and Elizabeth Brooks Oakley (1855-1926), parents of Benjamin Franklin Beauregard Sylvester McKinney (1893-1933). Bottom row second from left: Sara Elizabeth (Sallie Bett) McKinney (1897-1978), who married Marcellus Preston Robertson (1892-1938):

Marcellus Preston Robertson was Alamance County Sheriff at the time of his death 7 December 1938.

Sheriff Robertson and Patrolman Sonny Vaughn, of the Burlington Police Department, were shot and killed by two escaped convicts while responding to a burglary-in-progress at a service station at the corner of North Church Street and Trade Street. Both were met with a blaze of gun shots from the darkness as they entered the station. A third officer returned fire through a window killing one of the convicts as they tried to escape through a back door. The other convict escaped. Both convicts had escaped from an Anson County Prison Camp on October 22, 1938. Sheriff Robertson was killed on his second day in office. He had previously served with the Burlington Police Department for eight years.

George Pierce McKinney and Elizabeth Brooks Oakley McKinney had eleven children. The youngest is Samuel Dewey McKinney, born 1899 (the little boy bottom right). Thus, the photograph probably dates from the early 1900s. 

Missing probably is daughter Nancy Jane McKinney (1877-1897), who died in childbirth. Thus, if you discount the grandchild and one of the grandchild's parents, there are 10 children. B. F. McKinney most likely is one of these (would have been around 10 years old, and may be the son to the far left, second from bottom row). The woman with the baby probably is Mary Frances McKinney (1880-1955) who married Julius Fletcher Madren. She would have been the oldest living daughter at the time of the photograph.

Note that the father of Elizabeth Brooks Oakley, Elder Francis Linden Oakley (1828-1908), once was a pastor at Bush Arbor Primitive Baptist Church. He performed the wedding ceremony for his daughter.

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