Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Johnny Gunn's "Hut" in Yanceyville, North Carolina

Johnny Gunn's Hut

The parents of teenagers in Yanceyville decided that having children driving on Old 86 to Danville could be dangerous and organized the group of their children into what became known as the Hut Hoppers. Dorothy Zimmerman came to instruct us in waltz and foxtrot. We gathered Saturday nights and danced the the night away. Johnny Green [Johnny Gunn, Jr.] was a "dancing fool" and a "smooth operator." It was a joyous time in my memory.

Source: Nancy Page Dunn 10 December 2019 Post to the Caswell County Historical Association Facebook Page.

The "Hut" also was used by the local Boy Scout Troop #18.

Photograph Date: Late 1950s. Left-to-right: Wayne Moore; Jim Upchurch; Jim Rice; Danny Carlton; and Gordon Satterfield. Obscured scout in rear has not been identified.

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