Sunday, December 29, 2019

Caswell County, North Carolina: Top "50" List

Top "50"

Below, as determined by input to the Caswell County Historical Association, are the top fifty events relating to Caswell County, North Carolina. The order is approximately chronological:

1. Caswell County founded 1777
2. Leasburg established as first county seat

3. Milton established 1796

4. President George Washington slept at the Dudley Gatewood house 1791

5. Person County carved from Caswell County 1792
6. County seat moved to Caswell Courthouse (became Yanceyville)

7. Thomas Day Moved to Milton 1824

8. NC Senator Calvin Graves cast deciding vote on NC railroad

9. Bright-Leaf tobacco discovered on Slade farm in 1850s

10. Danville-Yanceyville Plank Road
11. Bank of Yanceyville established
12. Caswell County Courthouse built 1861
13. Civil War 1861-1865

14. NC Senator John Walter (Chicken) Stephens killed 1870

15. Kirk-Holden War 1870

16. First African-American Caswell County Commissioner
17. World War I
18. First Agricultural Extension Agent

19. Maud Florance Gatewood

20. First Home Economics Extension Agent
21. World War II
22. SS Caswell County Launched
23. First Caswell County Fair
24. Trial of Matt Ingram

25. Public school integration
26. Farmer Lake
27. Bartlett Yancey High School State Boys Basketball Champions

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