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United States World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946

World War II Service Records Confusion

Many conducting genealogical research use a database called:

"United States World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946"

Access to this resource is available through various online services.

Unfortunately, the index contains categories of information that may be misleading to users.

One data category is "Enlistment Date." Also possibly shown are "Enlistment State" and "Enlistment City." Some equate "enlistment" with volunteering. For purposes of this database that is incorrect. The proper way to view "enlistment" as used in this database is "entered service."

The database will contain another data category called "Component." Most entries in this database are for those who were drafted (they did not volunteer). The "Component" for drafted non-officers will be seen as "Selectees (Enlisted Men)." A "Selectee" is one chosen pursuant to the Selective Service System (that is, drafted). The designation "Enlisted Men" is to distinguish from officers.

The index is described as:

"Name index to Army Serial Number Enlistment Card Records, excluding officers, in the United States Army including the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps and the Enlisted Reserve Corps circa 1938-1946. The index is part of Record Group 64: Records of the National Archives and Records Administration. This index is not complete and may contain scanning errors. Database courtesy of the National Archives and Records Administration. In August of 2013, the National Archives replaced the ARC – Archival Research Catalog - with the OPA – Online Public Access. ARC identifiers will still work to access the collections in OPA."

About U.S., World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946
This database contains information on about 8.3 million men and women who enlisted in the U.S. Army during World War II. While this database contains information on the majority of the men and women who served in the Army during this war, it is not complete and does not represent the entirety of the U.S. Army servicemen. Information found in this database comes from the WD AGO Form 317 (used from 1941-45), WD AGO Form 372 (used from 1945-46), and Enlisted Reserve Corps Statistical cards.

Information included in this database about includes:

Name of enlistee
Army serial number
Residence (county and state)
Place of enlistment
Enlistment date
Army branch
Term of enlistment
Year of birth
Race and citizenship
Height and weight*
Marital status
Box and reel number of the microfilmed records

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