Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Sheriffs of Person County, North Carolina

Bailey, Y. 17981
McKissack, William 1814
Barnett, John A. 1827-1838
Walters, Hardy 1838-1843
Winstead, John M. 1852-18552

Smith, W. H. 1855-1865
Barnett, John C. 1876-1880
Winstead, W. H. 1880-1882
Long, John S. 1882-1884
Mitchell, C. G. 1884-1886

Pulley, W. H. 1886-1890
Williams, S. P. 1890-1892
Carver, J. A. 1892-1896
Sims, J. R. 1896-1902
Thompson, N. S. 1902-1908

Winstead, T. D. 1908-1911
Newton, W. I. 1911-1912
Thompson, N. S. 1912-19203
O'Briant, J. M. 1920-1922
Long, J. M. 1922-1924

Brooks, N. V. 1924-1928
Clayton, Melvin Thomas 1928-1946
Holeman, Clarence C. 1946-1966
Palmer, Clifton Earl 1966- February 1970 [killed in line of duty]
Tingen, Wallace I. February 1970-December 1970

Graves, Garland Lee 1970-1974
Dixon, Ernest 1974-1990
Oakley, Dennis 1990-2008
Jones, Dewey 2008-current

Source (through Dixon, Ernest 1974): "Sheriffs of Person County" in Eaker, Madeline Hall, Editor. The Heritage of Person County 1981. Winston-Salem: Hunter Publishing Company, 1981; p. 63.
1 Note that a Major Yancey Bailey was awarded the contract to build the first Person County courthouse on the six-acre tract of land that would become Roxboro. Is this Major Yancey Bailey the Y. Bailey who may have served as an early Person County sheriff?
2 Date first elected uncertain, but was sheriff in 1852.
3 "In June 1915, the Courier reported that 'Yesterday afternoon Sheriff Thompson got wind of the coming of two automobiles loaded with corn liquor, and about four o'clock he summoned a posse and put out for the chase.'" Source: Boatwright, Phyliss. Person County Past: Tales from the Central Piedmont. Charleston: History Press, 2006, p.42.

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Source: The Courier-Times (Roxboro, North Carolina) 59th Anniversary Edition.

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