Thursday, November 15, 2018

Roxboro Fire Department c.1929

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Roxboro Fire Dept (c. 1926)

Left to Right

Front row: Dick Woody (foot on running board), Gene Thomas, Clettis Oakley, Mat Long Jr. (boy), Baxter Mangum, L. D. (Dilley) Walker, and Wallace Woods.

Seated on ladder: Sam Byrd Winstead (with RHS Letter), Mr. Latta, Police Chief Sam Oliver, Unk, Mr. O'Briant (Standing on fender step), Edward Bowles, and Cary Adams.

Seated as driver is Fred Masten, behind him is Dick Baron. In passenger seat with driving cap is Munch Featherstone, next with no hat is Mr Broadhead, then Clyde Crowell (with glasses), Red Day and Johnny Tillman.

This photograph was taken about where the grass is on the north side of Merritt Commons today. The building behind the fire truck was the City Hall, Police and Fire Depts. Across the street is the original Winstead Warehouse that burned in the early 1940s.

Source: Douglas C. Robinson 14 April 2012 Post to Reminiscing in Roxboro Facebook Page.

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