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McGehee's Mill Road 1807

McGehee's Mill Road: 1807

In 1807, the Person County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions instructed a group of men to establish a road that would run by McGehee's Mill. On October 1, 1807, a report was filed on the progress made. In that report are references to the following landmarks:

Mosse's Old Field
Barnet's Ford on Hico
Josiah Wood's Plantation
William Woods's Field
Mumford McGehee's Property
McGehee's Mill
Goodlow Warren's Property
Mrs. Gray's Property

Note: The report spelled McGehee as McGhee. Paragraph breaks added.

October 1st, 1807

"Agreeable to an Order of Court to us directed to view and lay off a road from Mosse's old field by McGee's Mill we have met accordingly and after being legally qualified have proceeded to the same:

"Turning out of the road leading from the Court House to Barnet's ford on Hico at the said Mosses old field from thence along a big path to Josiah Woods plantation striking the plantation near his barns thence through the plantation leaving said Wood's house about forty hands to the left hand through a small peach orchard leaving some graves on the left hand; thence striking a field of William Woods near a small skirt of woods and by a wild cherry tree striking the lane between said William Woods and Mumford McGhee;

"Thence on to McGhee's mill crossing the creek thence up a hollow from the saw mill along the fence striking the big path leading to Goodlow Warren's about one hundred yards above McGhee's house thence on as the path runs to said Warren's leaving said path again at the mouth of the lane thence on the main way to Mrs. Gray's assessing the damage of Josiah Woods ten pounds and William Woods ten pounds, given under our hand and seal the date above."

Zack. Hurt
E. Chambers
Joseph McGehee
Hann. Stanfield
Thos. Chambers
Allen Wade
Edmund Shelton
Goodloe Warren
James Williams
Cary Williams

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