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Caswell County Elections: 1808

Caswell County Elections

The earliest noted legal machinery for conducting elections in Caswell County is found in the North Carolina Sessions Laws of 1808 in a chapter titled: "An Act to establish four separate Elections in the County of Caswell." Commissioners were appointed for each of the four districts into which the county was divided, and they were charged with locating a suitable place to hold elections. The commissioners were:

Gloucester District: Robert Parks, William Mizall, William Lea, John Hightower, and Thomas Turner

St. David's District: Robert Blackwell, Joseph Scott, Malan Stacey, Lewis Sheperd, and Jethro Brown

Caswell District: Dudley Gatewood, Gregory Durham, Josiah Womack, John Cobb, and John Green

Richmond District: Josiah Lamuel, John Burton, Thomas Harrison, Captain John Lea, and John Johnston

Source: Powell, William S. A History of Caswell County North Carolina 1777-1977. Durham: Moore Publishing Company, 1977, p. 154.

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