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Yanceyville Drug Store Sale

Yannceyville Drug Store Sale

We discussed earlier the purchase by Caswell County (authorized by the Caswell County Board of Commissioners) of the Yanceyville Drug Store building for $300,000. However, it also appears that Caswell County also purchased as part of this business incubator project the smaller building between the Drug Store and The Caswell Messenger and that the purchase price was $75,000. Was this part of the $300,000 reported?

This property is bounded:

1. Generally to the north by North Main Street (formerly Greensboro Street);

2. Generally to the west by The Caswell Messenger building;

3. Generally to the south by the Azariah Graves storehouse building (home of various restaurants);

4. Generally to the southwest by a portion of the building that now houses Caswell Insurance (once the library, Dr. Houston Gwynn's office, etc.); and

5. Generally to the east by the Yanceyville Drug Store building.

Here is the deed. Click to see a larger image.

The property description contained in the "Exhibit A," while not totally understood, nevertheless is interesting. Landowners mentioned: A. Y. Kerr; R. L. Mitchelle, Jr.; Jno. O. Gunn; and Erwin D. Stephens. The 1940 survey was done by Glenn A. Rice.

And a lot excepted from the description, thus not being conveyed, mentioned the following: A. Y. Kerr (home house lot); Erwin D. Stephens; Emory Hooper; and J. O. Gunn.

Complicating an understanding of the parcel description in the "Exhibit A," which apparently relies upon a 1940 survey, is the configuration of the buildings at the time. Still standing was the brick Hooper building (store on first floor/Masonic Lodge on second floor), the McAdams Electric building (older wood frame building on the steps of which which men of the town congregated), the W&W Grocery building, etc. Moreover, there was a vacant area behind the Hooper building (with concrete pad remaining and greatly enjoyed by roller skaters in the 1950s).

The A. Y. Kerr mentioned is Albert Yancey Kerr (1878-1942). He owned the Azariah Graves storehouse building (home to various restaurants in more modern times) immediately south of the subject parcel. At one time, Albert Yancey Kerr printed "The Caswell News" newspaper in this building (which he purchased for $300 in 1906).

The R. L. Mitchelle, Jr., mentioned is Robert Lee Mitchelle, Jr. (1903-1941). What property he owned at the time is not known, but he most likely inherited it from his father, Robert Lee Mitchelle (1865-1839). Note: surname also seen as Mitchell. At the time of the 1940 United States Federal Census, Robert Lee Mitchelle, Jr., was living with his wife on West Main Street in Yanceyville, North Carolina, probably in the house adjacent to the Dr. Malloy home.

The Jno. O. Gunn mentioned is John Oliver (Johnny) Gunn (1892-1992) (upon whose line was then located a chimney). Query what happened to the structure with respect to which only a chimney remained.

The Erwin D. Stephens mentioned is Erwin Duke Stephens (1904-1991), editor and publisher of The Caswell Messenger newspaper.

The Emory M. Hooper mentioned may be Emery McCormick Hooper (1913-1994). While better known as a farmer in Caswell County's Prospect Hill community, he may have owned property in Yanceyville.

The Glenn A. Rice who conducted the 1940 survey is Glenn Andrew Rice (1913-1941), son of George Glenn Rice (1878-1948) and Lillian Davis (1886-1973), and brother of Yanceyville's Clarence Poe Rice (1915-1981).

Here is the earlier article:

Yanceyville Drug Store: $300,000 Price Tag

Caswell County Board of Commissioners Meeting August 20, 2018

Another item, previously agreed to be paid for in the amount of $300,000, is a business incubator to take home in the former drug store on Court Square. [County Manager Bryan] Miller said surveys from paid for consultants and citizen input alike point in the direction of such a facility that will boast competitive internet speeds and office space for developing start-ups and conferencing options that will attract larger businesses from outside the area. Chairman Nate Hall said he looked forward to hearing new progress on the project.

Source: The Caswell Messenger (Yanceyville, North Carolina), 22 August 2018.

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