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Dr. Houston G. Jones (1924-2018) Bibliography

Bibliography (partial)

Jones, H. G. The Sonarman's War: A Memoir of Submarine Chasing and Mine Sweeping in World War II. Jefferson (North Carolina): McFarland & Co., Inc., 2010. Print.

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Jones, H. G. "Christian Klengenberg and the Opening of Trade with the Copper Inuit," Etudes Inuit, Vol. 20, No. 2, 1996.

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Jones, Houston Gwynne, Compiler. North Carolina History: An Annotated Bibliography. Westport (Connecticut): Greenwood Press, 1995.

With more than 11,000 entries, this volume is the first extensive bibliography of North Carolina to incorporate books, pamphlets, articles from hundreds of journals, and theses and dissertations from scores of universities. Using the incomparable holdings of the North Carolina Collection as well as other libraries and institutions, Jones includes entries dating from the first written description of North Carolina in 1524 through 1992. Entries are arranged by chronological period, then by subject, with author and subject indexes providing further access.

Among the sources included are some that are seldom found in state bibliographies, such as soil surveys of the counties and articles in small journals, such as The North Carolina Booklet. A separate chapter features more then 3,000 entries by county. Another chapter identifies libraries, archives and manuscript repositories, museums, and historic sites._______________

North Caroliniana Society Imprints

General Editors:
H. G. Jones, Nos. 1-50
Jeffrey J. Crow, No. 51-55

No. 1 An Evening at Monticello: An Essay in Reflection (1978) by Edwin M. Gill.
No. 2 The Paul Green I Know (1978) by Elizabeth Lay Green.
No. 3 The Albert Coates I Know (1979) by Gladys Hall Coates.
No. 4 The Sam Ervin I Know (1980) by Jean Conyers Ervin.
No. 5 Sam Ragan (1981) by Neil Morgan.

No. 6 Thomas Wolfe of North Carolina (1982) by H. G. Jones.
No. 7 Gertrude Sprague Carraway(1982) by Sam Ragan.
No. 8 John Fries Blair (1983) by Margaret Blair McCuiston.
No. 9 William Clyde Friday and Ida Howell Friday (1984) by Georgia Carroll Kyser and William Brantley Aycock.
No. 10 William S. Powell, North Carolina Historian (1985) by David Stick and William C. Friday.

No. 11 "Gallantry Unsurpassed" (1985) edited by Archie K. Davis.
No. 12 Mary and Jim Semans, North Carolinians (1986) by W. Kenneth Goodson.
No. 13 The High Water Mark (1986) edited by Archie K. Davis.
No. 14 Raleigh and Quinn: The Explorer and His Boswell (1987) edited by H. G. Jones.
No. 15 A Half Century in Coastal History (1987) by David Stick.

No. 16 Thomas Wolfe at Eighty Seven (1988) edited by H. G. Jones.
No. 17 A Third of a Century in Senate Cloakrooms (1988) by William McWhorter Cochrane.
No. 18 The Emma Neal Morrison I Know (1989) by Ida Howell Friday.
No. 19 Thomas Wolfe's Composition Books (1990) edited by Alice R. Cotten.
No. 20 My Father, Burke Davis (1990) by Angela Davis-Gardner.

No. 21 A Half Century with Rare Books (1991) by Lawrence F. London.
No. 22 Frank H. Kenan: An Appreciation (1992) edited by Archie K. Davis.
No. 23 Growing Up in North Carolina, by Charles Kuralt, and The Uncommon Laureate by Wallace H. Kuralt (1993).
No. 24 Chancellors Extraordinary: J. Carlyle Sitterson and LeRoy T. Walker (1995) by William C. Friday and Willis P. Whichard.
No. 25 Historical Consciousness in the Early Republic (1995) edited by H. G. Jones.

No. 26 Sixty Years With a Camera (1996) by Hugh M. Morton.
No. 27 William Gaston as a Public Man (1997) by John L. Sanders.
No. 28 William P. Cumming and the Study of Cartography (1998) edited by Robert Cumming.
No. 29 My Love Affair with Carolina (1998) by Doris Waugh Betts.
No. 30 A Single but Huge Distinction (1999) by Reynolds Price.

No. 31 Richard Jenrette's Adventures in Historic Preservation (2000) edited by H. G. Jones.
No. 32 Sketches In North Carolina USA 1872 to 1878: Vineyard Scenes by Mortimer O. Heath (2001) edited by H. G. Jones.
No. 33 Roots and Branches (2001) Wilma Dykeman.
No. 34 Glimmers in the Gloaming (2002) by Frank Borden Hanes, Sr.
No. 35 Coming of Age in North Carolina's Fifth Century (2003) by Maxine Swalin.

No. 36 Reflections (2004) by W. Trent Ragland, Jr.
No. 37 North Carolina Photographers (2004) edited by Stephen E. Massengill.
No. 38 North Carolina Conundrum (2005) by John Hope Franklin.
No. 39 Poetical Geography of North Carolina (1887, 2006) by Needham Bryan Cobb.
No. 40 The Goodliest Land (2006) By Betty Ray McCain.

No. 41 Hayes: The Plantation, Its People, and Their Papers (2007) by John G. Zehmer, Jr.
No. 42 Center of the Universe (2007) by Fred Chappell.
No. 43 William B. Aycock: Our Champion (2007) by Judith Welch Wegner.
No. 44 Nathaniel Macon of North Carolina (2008) by William S. Price, Jr.
No. 45 Robert W. Scott and the Preservation of North Carolina History (2009) by H. G. Jones.

No. 46 A Historic Occasion (2009) by Shirley T. Frye and Henry E. Frye.
No. 47 Surprise of the Century (2009) by James E. Holshouser, Jr.
No. 48 The Collection and Publication of the Colonial Records of North Carolina (2010) edited by William S. Price, Jr.
No. 49 The Grandfathers (2010) by Bland Simpson.
No. 50 A Resumé of Two Historic Adventures (2011) by Lindsay C. Warren, Jr.

No. 51 Faces and Places of My Heart (2012) by Lee Smith.
No. 52 A Love Affair with an Entire State (2013) by Thomas W. Lambeth.
No. 53 Why Historic Preservation Matters (2014) by Myrick Howard.
No. 54 A Place to Dig (2015) by Herb Jackson.
No. 55 David Lowry Swain and the University of North Carolina, 1835-1868 (2016) by Willis P. Whichard.

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