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Benaja Creek (Caswell County, North Carolina)

Benaja Creek (Caswell County, North Carolina)

Now called Benaja Creek, an early document (1797) called it "Benager" Creek. Note there has been some confusion between a stream that runs into Country Line Creek (Highway 62 crosses it just south of Harrelson Road) and the stream a bit farther south now titled "Benaja Creek" that runs into South Country Line Creek.

State of North Carolina
Caswell County
July Court 1797

We the jurors for the county aforesaid upon oath present the road from Hico by Mr. Smith's to the road by Thomas Wiley, also the road from or by Joseph Lewis to the road leading to Doctor Trigg's Mill that is called Graves Road, also each end of the bridge on Country Line Creek at Doctor Trigg's Mill also the bridge and road from Benager Creek to Country line Creek, also from said Creek to the Courthouse, also the road leading from the Court House by Mr. Ingram's to the fork. We also present Thomas Campbell for selling spiritous liquor without license by small measure, also Thomas Jeffery's for selling spiritous liquor without license by small measure. We also recommend to the Worshipful Court to have the jury rooms furnished with tables and seats.

John __ Forman
Rich__ Sanders
Jas. Lea
_____ _____
William Anthony
Jos. Scott
_____ _____
Jacob Graves
Robert Motherall
William Slade
James Yancey
Nathan Rice
Nathan Slade
Elijah Antony
Isaac Cantrill

Those familiar with the fox hunting event (fox hound field trials) that occurred on the Wildlife property south of Yanceyville many decades ago should recall Benaja Creek. If one followed the small road north from the kennels/stables (past the unimproved area also used as "stables") you would proceed down the hill to Benaja Creek.

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