Tuesday, October 23, 2018

50 Moments that Made North Carolina: Caswell County

50 Moments

In its September 2017 issue, Our State magazine published an extensive article on the 50 moments that shaped North Carolina's history. Caswell County was mentioned in two:

10. Railroad Expansion 1848: The Senate was debating whether North Carolina's railroad should expand from north to south or east to west. Calvin Graves, a Democrat from Caswell County, cast the tie-breaking vote for the east-west line, bypassing Graves's district. The vote angered constituents, but gave rise to a rail line that would help give rise to Charlotte and Asheville.

12. Bright Leaf Tobacco 1856: The story of North Carolina's signature crop began when a Caswell County slave fell asleep while tending the fire in a flue-cured tobacco barn. Upon waking, he frantically stoked the dying embers, building an inferno that produced a sweet, rusty yellow leaf. Soon, barns filled with tobacco, and raging fires filled the landscape of half of the state. [Photograph of tobacco accompanied the item.]

"50 Moments that Made NC." Our State, September 2017. Greensboro: Mann Media, Inc., pp. 116,117 Print.

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