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Caswell Lea (1802-1874)

Caswell Lea (1802-1874)


(Son of Major Lea and Rhoda Jarnagin)

Prepared by Barb White 7-18-2018

 1802    Birth1
 1830    Census:  Jefferson County TN2
              2 Males 20-29
  Sept 5, 1839  Marriage: Miss Elizabeth Johnson   Salem, Virginia3
  Sept 23, 1839 Marriage: Elizabeth B Johnston      Salem, Virginia4

  1840    Census:  Jefferson County, TN5
              1 male 30-39, 1 female under 5, 1 female 20-29

  1850    Census:  Polk County, TN6
              Caswell Lea        48      Tennessee         
              Elizabeth B Lea   37        Virginia
              Jane A J Lea            13        Tennessee
              Martha E Lea          12        Tennessee
              John H Lea               9         Tennessee
              Joseph W Lea           6         Tennessee
              James P Lea             4               Tennessee
              George P Lea           1         Tennessee
              Eliza A D Lea          25        Tennessee  {sister}

 Feb 25,1857     Bradley County TN Chancery Court Case7
                Caswell Lea Appointed Guardian to Eliza Adelia Lea,
                She is declared of unsound mind. Caswell appointed trustee for his
                Children's interest in sale of property by his wife as she only has a
                life interest in this land. Children named are John H Lea, Joseph W Lea,
                James P Lea, Elizabeth B J Lea and George P Lea.  Negroes of Eliza Adelia Lea sold to Charity Lea,
                wife of Houston H Lea, decd., With John Allison as security
               {children named must be only those living at home yet}

  1857   Tennessee Supreme Court Case8
              Character of Caswell Lea questioned in case of Eliza B Lea vs John G Carter
              regarding sale of town lots to Elizabeth Johnston, her mother. Elizabeth B Lea
             and Caswell Lea's children mentioned are :John H, Joseph W, James P, George P,
             and Elizabeth.  {children named must be those living at home yet}

  1860   Census: District 6, Bradley County, Tennessee9  
              Caswell Lea           58
              Elizabeth B Lea     47
              Martha E Lea         22
              John H Lea            20
              Joseph W Lea        16
              James P Lea           14
              George W Lea       11
              Elizabeth J Lea      6
              Caswell M Lea      1/12 
  1870    Census: District 7, Bradley County, Tennessee10
              Caswell Lea           68
              Elizabeth B Lea     56
              Joseph W Lea        24
              George Lea            22
              Elizabeth Lea         16
              Rachel Lea            16       {identified as Mulatto/Domestic Servant}
              Henry Lea             13       {identified as Mulatto/Farmhand}
              Edward Lea           9       {identified as Mulatto}

  August 10, 1874      Death of Caswell Lea11

 July 17, 1876           Death of Elizabeth B Lea, relict of Caswell Lea12


       11850, 1860, 1870 Census

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       31839 Marriage: Sept 5, 1839 date/location found in Tennessee Newspapers, Extracts and Abstracts, Marriage, Death & Others: Items of Genealogical Historical Interest Compiled by Polly Ann Creekmore, Knoxville Press 1830-1839
         PG 200
            #34,   13 Sept. MARRIAGES
            On Thursday, 5th Sept. , Caswell Lea, Esq. of Dandridge, Tennessee to Miss Elizabeth, daughter
            of Dr. John Johnson, of Salem, Va.“
       41839 Marriage: Sept 23, 1839 date/location found at, Cleveland Banner (Bradley County, TN) issue dated 8/25/1876 pg 3
           “Obituary of Mrs. Elizabeth B Lea
Departed this life in Cleveland, Tennessee July 17th,1876, Mrs. Elizabeth B Lea, relict of Caswell Lea. She was born in Lexington, Rockbridge County, Vg on the 18th of April 1813. She was married at the residence of her father Dr. John Johnston, Salem Vg the 23rd of September 1839. At the time of her death she was aged 63 years, 3 months and 4 days. She is the last of a family of 5 sons and 3 daughters. She jointed the Presbyterian Church at Salem early in life, her parents having moved there when she was quite young.
Mrs. Lea was one of the old citizens of Cleveland and the honor paid to her at her funeral testified to the respect in which she was held. She and her honored husband who departed this life about 2 years before, were an ornament to any community. The memory of Caswell Lea will be fragrant in the esteem of all who knew him so long as virtue is prized and moral worth is appreciated. Mrs. Lee was a companion worthy so amiable and excellent a man. She was herself a true and noble woman. She was the very embodiment of all those qualities that constitute excellence in human character. She was a woman of remarkable gentleness and amiability. She was a true wife, making home always pleasant and delightful place to her husband. As a mother her children will rise up and call her blessed. As a Christian she did not follow the Saviour afar off but was a warm, earnest and devoted follower of the Master.
We will miss her. Her children will miss her. The Church will miss her. In her last illness she spoke several times of Heaven and seemed to be breathing after that land of the blest. Thither she has gone. As she followed Christ, may we follow her footsteps.

       51840 Census : Dandridge, Jefferson County Tennessee, pg 128/145 Ancestry viewer, pg 345 in Census Record

       61850 Census:  District 1, Polk County  Tennessee, pg 8/10 Ancestry Viewer, pg 202 in Census Record
       71857 Book found in Gainesboro,Jackson County, Tennessee Library, Tennessee Tidbits, 1778-1914 Vol III by Marjorie hood Fischer and Ruth Blake Burns 1989. {specifically} Bradley TN, Chancery Court Min 2/489,501,511,535,539,573. Date given in this record of 25, February 1857

       81857 Tennessee Supreme Court Case, Bradley County, TN 
         Search on Bradley County, 1857
               “1857Elizabeth B.Lea, et al., by trustee v. John G. CarterBradleyLand, Sale of Partial,case regarding William Grant's sale of Cleveland town lots and farmland to Elizabeth Johnston, mother of ElizabethLea.Lea was the wife of CaswellLea, whose character is questioned. John G. Brown, Henry B. Davis, J. P. R. Edwards, and R. H. McCroskey testified to advising the Leas to sell portions of their land in order to invest in their children's education, improve other lands, and to purchase negroes. Lea children: John H., Joseph W., James P., George P., and Elizabeth. Pages missing. EastRange: 9
Section: E
Shelf: 1
Box Number: 115641

  91860 Census: District 6, Bradley County, Tennessee  pg  12/14 in Ancestry Viewer, pg 32 in Census Record

  101870 Census: District 7, Bradley County, Tennessee  pg 6/20 of Ancestry Viewer, pg 6 in Census Record

  111874 Death of Caswell Lea, date found at, Cleveland Banner, issue Aug 14, 1974, pg 3, bottom left
             In this place, on Monday morning last, after an indisposition of many months, Mr. Caswell Lea, aged about 70 years. The deceased was an old and highly esteemed citizen, and his death is lamented by all."\\
  12 1876  Death of Elizabeth B Lea- see source #4 above,  Obit of Eliza B Lea.

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