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Thomas Day Wardrobe on Display in Milton

Thomas Day Wardrobe on Display in Milton
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An 1856 Thomas Day wardrobe from the estate of Lois Sydnor Angle Love (1925-2018) now is on display at the Milton Renaissance Foundation Museum in Milton, Caswell County, North Carolina. 

Thomas Archimedes Donoho (1827-1887) apparently purchased various pieces of furniture from Milton cabinetmaker Thomas Day. On a bill of sale dated 25 February 1856, Day charged Donoho $95 for a rosewood wardrobe. Because most of the other Thomas Day wardrobes sold for between $25 and $35, the increase in price suggests the use of expensive wood.

The wardrobe was used by the Donoho family at their "Longwood" home, which burned a few years ago. "Longwood" was the home of the Donoho family until November 1954 when the last surviving child of Thomas Archimedes Donoho and Isabella Glenn Garland (1832-1886) died. It was once the home of Romulus Mitchell Saunders (1791-1867), who traded it to Dr. John Tabb Garland, M.D. (c.1795-1874). And, it presumably is through this ownership that the "Longwood" property came into the hands of the Donoho family. The daughter of Dr. Garland, Isabella Glenn Garland, married Thomas Archimedes Donoho 19 April 1854.
Courtesy The Caswell Messenger

Thomas Archimedes Donoho and Isabella Glenn Garland Donoho had the following children:

Mary Lowry Donoho (1855-1929) m. John M. Shepard
Isabella Garland Donoho (1856-1858)
Kate Morrison Donoho (1858-1869)
John Tabb Donoho (1860-1937) m. Nannie Graves Mebane
Thomas Archimedes (Arch) Donoho (1862-1920)
Isabella Victoria Donoho (1865-1950)
Glenn Garland (Doney) Donoho (1867-1945) m. Emily H. Watkins
Ellen Smith Donoho (1869-1954)
Grace Donoho (1871-1954) m. John Edward Tucker
Romulus Saunders Donoho (1873-1947) m. Annette Cotter

Several of these children rest at Cedars Cemetery in Milton, North Carolina.


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