Thursday, April 26, 2018

State Bank of North Carolina (Milton, North Carolina)

State Bank of North Carolina

While the following is not entirely understood, it does provide a concrete reference to the State Bank of North Carolina at Milton (22 October 1819). The Milton branch of this bank was established in October/November 1818.

John W. Glenn of Caswell County to John Daniel of Milton -- whereas Richard Ogilby and James Daniel are securities for John W. Glenn for a note to Lockhard & Davis for $920 and suit was brought in Caswell County for $810 to President and Directors of State Bank of North Carolina at Milton -- also debt due New Bern bank -- for $1, all right and title to negroes: woman Judy age 28 or 30, Molly same age, Lucinda age 15, man Anthony 40 years, boy Anderson 6 or 8, two children Cathe and Agnes age 1 & 3 -- if debt not paid same to be sold. 22 October 1819. Witness: George Williamson.

Deed Book T, Pages 247-248/Kendall #2 at 40

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