Friday, April 27, 2018

Samuel Settle & Co. (Milton, North Carolina)

Milton History: Samuel Settle & Co.

While the following deed of trust is not fully understood, it does show that in 1820 a Samuel Settle & Co. was operating a tobacco business in Milton (purchasing and stemming tobacco). A William Morgan apparently was a part owner of the business, that was indebted to the Bank of Newbern. The Lot #20 referenced is the lot on which sits today the Milton State Bank Building.

We do not know if the firm was in the name of one man, Samuel Settle, or whether the firm name actually was "Samuel, Settle & Co."

Deed Book T, Pages 284-285/Kendall #2 at 42

Deed of Trust -- William Morgan of Lynchburg, to R. M. Sanders of Milton -- whereas Morgan is a member of Samuel Settle & Co., carrying on the business of purchasing and stemming tobacco in Milton and indebted to Bank of Newbern as is John T. Hill & Co. a late firm in said town -- 420 acres in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, and 200 acres both conveyed by James D. Patton executor of John Worsham deceased to Morgan & Fielding Bradford; lot #20 in Milton conveyed by Henry M. Clay and tract conveyed by N. Harrison & Morgan -- plus all negroes engaged at the stemmery -- same held in trust by R. M. Sanders. 18 June 1820. Witnesses: Iverson G. Lea, Jno C. Howard.

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