Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Nicholas Thompson House (Leasburg, North Carolina)

Photographs courtesy James B. Upchurch, Jr.

Nicholas Thompson House, Leasburg, Caswell County, North Carolina. The rear portion (1 1/2 story house) possibly dates to c.1810. The house was enlarged c.1860 by Nicholas Thompson's son, George Nicholas Thompson, to include the Greek Revival two-story front section. The Leasburg Tavern is in the left background. The last Thompson to live in the house was Ella Graves Thompson, daughter of George Nicholas Thompson and his third wife, Ella W. Graves Thompson.

The first Caswell County Courthouse was built near the current structure. Ella Graves Thompson stated that as a child she remembered playing on the old courthouse foundation; however, no trace of the foundation has been found. The house faces south toward the old Leasburg Road, which went by the house and then turned right toward the Tavern and then left through the town. Highway 158 was cut through the rear of the property in the 1900s. In 1960, Ella Graves Thompson wrote a wonderful history of Leasburg: "A History of Leasburg with Personal Recollections."

Foreground: Office
Next: Shop? Miss Ella Thompson wrote of a tannery shop near the road.
Leasburg Tavern in the background.

Left-to-Right: storehouse; chicken house; smokehouse; old kitchen with attached privy.

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