Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Hycotee Post Office (Caswell County, North Carolina)

Hycotee Post Office [click on image to see a larger version]

Hycotee: A community in east central Caswell County. A post office operated there 1880-1904.

The Hyco River is formed in northwest Person County, North Carolina, by the junction of North Hyco and South Hyco Creeks. It flows northeast into Virginia, where it enters the Dan River. In 1728 William Byrd referred to the stream as "Hicootomony, or Turkey-Buzzard River, from the great number of those unsavoury Birds that roost on the tall Trees growing near its banks." It appears on the Moseley map, 1733, as Hyco-ote. Hyco Dam, completed in 1964, now impounds its waters to form Carolina Power Lake (also called Hyco Lake).

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