Saturday, July 23, 2016

Bartlett Yancey High School Class of 1942 Reunion

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Bartlett Yancey High School Class of 1942 Reunion (possibly 50th)


Front Row

1. Dorothy Mae Watlington Stogner (Class Will)
3. Emma Alease Farmer Hibben
4. Mildred Webster Tatum
6. Fannie Mae Bowes Winstead

Middle Row

1. Hoyt Ray Moore
2. George Cleveland Daniel (Awarding of Diplomas)
4. Mary Joyce Slaughter
5. Frances Ann Fowlkes Smith
6. Virginia Malloy Powell (Valedictorian)

Back Row

3. Monroe Gwynn Myers
4. James Elwood Guthrie
6. Gilbert Carlton Chandler
7. James William (Bill) Powell (Class Prophesy)

Members of the Class (partial list):

Fannie Mae Bowes
Henry Norfleet Brandon
Gilbert Carlton Chandler
George Cleveland (Cleve) Daniel
Emma Alease Farmer
Mary Jane Foster
Frances Ann Fowlkes
James Elwood Guthrie
Hoyt Ray Moore
Monroe Gwynn Myers
Virginia Malloy Powell
James William (Bill) Powell
Unknown Slaughter (female)
John Thompson
Dorothy Mae Watlington
Mildred Webster

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