Thursday, April 16, 2015

Oakley Chairs

These "Oakley" chairs were built by Robert Lee Oakley (1868-1957), who lived on the Park Springs Road, Pelham Township, Caswell County, North Carolina. When the photographs were taken the chairs belonged to Henry Ingram and his wife Vivian E. Oakley Ingram.

Vivian E. Oakley Ingram (1904-1985), is the daughter of Robert Lee Oakley and Nannie Ellen Forbes (1873-1930), and presumably she inherited the chairs from her father. The chairs are seen on the front porch of the Ingram home on the Park Springs Road (Providence, Caswell County, North Carolina).

Thomas Oakley m. Sally Wells
Robert Lee Oakley m. Nannie Ellen Forbes
Vivian E. Oakley m. Henry Ingram

Images courtesy the North Carolina State Historic Preservation Office.

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  1. There chairs were built by my great grandfather. He also built the house where they were located. Sadly, these chairs were stolen sometime in the late 80's and have not been located.