Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cash and Fox Women

Photograph courtesy Clark Oakley and described as "Cash and Fox Women" (most likely of Person County, North Carolina).

Believed in the photograph are Roberta Whitt Fox and Ula Harris Cash (halfsister and sister, respectively, of Mary Ella Harris Oakley). Whether Mary Ella Harris Oakley is in the photograph has not been established.

Roberta Whitt Fox (1891-1981), wife of William Wise Fox (1891-1962), and mother of Nellie Wise Fox and Merritt Whitt Fox. Other children are possible but not known. Roberta Whitt Fox is a daughter of D. Clifton (Dink) Whitt and Mary Ellen Mitchell.

 Mary Ellen Mitchell was married twice.

Her first husband was Jefferson Davis Harris, and they had at least four children, including three daughters (Eula, Luna, and Mary Ella). A son is William Washington Harris (married Lelia Jane Wrenn). Eula Harris married Jack C. Cash. Luna Harris married a Blaylock. Mary Ella Harris married an Oakley.

The second husband of Mary Ellen Mitchell was D. Clifton (Dink) Whitt, and they had at least five children, including at least four daughters (Nannie Graves, Lelia Onie, Roberta, and Hattie). A fifth child was named Teague Whitt, but sex has not been determined. Hattie and Teague may have died young. Nannie Graves Whitt married Charlie Louis Foushee. Lelia Onie Whitt married John Nicholas Frederick. Roberta Whitt married William Wise Fox.


 I believe that is Mary Ellen Mitchell Whitt on the far right. Her sister who, was called "Spec," is seated beside her. I believe Betty Mitchell Whitfield, another sister, is one of the two women on the left. The other women may be Ellen's sisters Sara and Margaret. Not sure about the lady in the back. I base this on an old picture I have. Source: Karen Wade Avants Email 15 February 2012.

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