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Zachariah and Elizabeth Raimey Hooper Family Bible Records (1745-1964)

Zachariah and Elizabeth Raimey Hooper Family Bible Records (1745-1964)

Elezabeth Hooper Died 23 of June 18[page torn] wife of Zachariah Hooper

FAMILY RECORD. MARRIAGES. Asariah Hooper and his wife Elizr was maried on the 4th day of may 1825 _____ _____ William Hooper and his wife Delila Lee Tainey was Married on the 21st of Novemr 1835 _____ _____ [Next entry is too faint to transcribe.] [column 2] MARRIAGES. Mahely D Hooper Mary to Betsy pinto [sic] 27 of July 1848 Ider Hooper [illegible] [illegible] T Hooper died the 22 of november Ma[?] 1885 [illegible] Hooper died the 22 of november 1885 [Next entry is too faint to transcribe.]

FAMILY RECORD. MARRIAGES. Miss Betty Black Hill deceast march the 6 1888[?] Thomas R [illegible] and kin non was mared august the 4 1820 ___________________ indie minlis [?] died sept the 11 188[illegible] adeline dases died september the 10 1886 Mr George W Barnett and Miss Caiylon Steel was married may 23, 1960 [column 2] MARRIAGES. Thos. B. Powel & Marijane Comes Wars maried Jan the 19th 1956 __________________ [Next entry is illegible.] James Hunter Barnette marriage June 1, 1962 to Margie Nenton __________________ [Next line is illegible.] John A hensly Dunley [illegible] was married January 2, 1887 

FAMILY RECORD. BIRTHS. Zachariah Hooper Sr was born the 16th Novem 1769 _____ _____ Elisabeth Hooper his wife was born the year 1790 died 25th [illegible] _____________________ Susan H. Tremy was born on the 27 of April 1812 _____ _____ Wisley B. Reamy was born on the 3 of April 1814 _____ _____ Delila L. Reamy was born on the 24th of November 1816. [column 2] BIRTHS. Catherine S. [page torn] was born on the [page torn] of September 182[page torn] _____ _____ Elizabeth Jane Hooper was born on the 16th day January 1826 _____ _____ Frances G. Hooper was born on the 30th of De[cember] [page torn] _____ _____ Mary W [page torn] was born [page torn] 30th of [page torn] 1824 1769 ____ 55

FAMILY RECORD. BIRTHS. William Hooper wa born on the 24th of June 1779 _____ _____ Thomas Hooper was born on the 13th of November 1796 _____ _____ Susannah Hooper was born the 16th April 1798 _____ _____ Rebeca Hooper was born on the 28th Decr 1802 _____ _____ Sally Hooper was born on the 14th Feby. 1801 _____ _____ Zachariah Hooper was born on the 10th of July 1804 [column 2] BIRTHS. Stokely D Hooper was born on the 24 of August 1834 _____ _____ Little Infant son of William Hooper was born the 18th April 1836 _____ Huldah G. Hooper was born on the 24 May 1837 _____ James Williamson Hooper wa born the 25th of April 1839 _____ Mary Hill Hooper Born the 20th December [illegible] [illegible] Died november 1887

FAMILY RECORD. BIRTHS. John Comes A Sun of M[illegible] Comes was Born September the 7th 1852 Tan[illegible] Daughter of Thomas B. Powel Was Born May the 12th 1854 _______________________ First marriage Eula Mae Lowe Daughter of Daisy Hensley Lowe Born May 23 1927 -------------------- Lue Ellen Lowe Daughter of Daisy Hensley Lowe Born November 29 1931 -------------------- Dailey Hensly second marriage Harold Eugene Barnette Born Mar 8 1936 Willard F[illegible] Barnette Born sep 13 1937 James Hunter Barnette Born March 20 1939 [column 2] BIRTHS. Josia T Howel was Born the 26 of november 1828 mary a elisabeth powel was Born June the 10 1851 London William Doss Born Sep 21 1904 

[FAMILY] RECORD. [DEATHS.] Henry Hooper died in the year of our lord 1833 ----- Thomas Hooper departed this life Febuary 1835 Wisley B. Rainey Departed this life the 6th March 1837 Little Infant Son of Wm? Hooper departed this life on the 1st of may 1836 [illegible] Hooper the Mother of [illegible] Hooper Departed this life on the 7th [illegible] 1837 aged 92 years James W Hooper departed this life on the 16 nov 1829 [column 2] DEATHS. Susan Hooper the Mother of Z. Hooper was born in July 1745 -------------------- Susan Kennon Died in the year 1837 _____ Elizabeth F Donoha Died in Decr 1837 ----- Catharine Hooper Infant Child died in Nov 1837 _____ Benjamin Hooper of [illegible] Hooper Died in the 16th of [illegible]on Tuesday night was born on Jan[illegible] _____ Huldah G Hooper Died the 8 Jany 1844 _____ [illegible]

FAMILY RECORD. DEATHS. Anna Powel decest Feby the 7 1855 Lula V Rainey died Feb. 16 1919 Daisy Hensley the Daughter of Frank and Eliza Hensley was born July 2, 1906 Daisy Hensley was married April 16 1922 to Roy Lowe Daily Hensley Lowe was married to George Burnette July 5 1935 Luizy Kenon Dyed July the 10 1886 [column 2] DEATHS. Price N Powel deceast march the 26th [page torn] John Frank Hensley died aug 7 1940 Louizy Kennon died July the 10 1886 

FAMILY RECORD. DEATHS. Juliet Hensley was born May the 11 1873 [name illegible] Born [illegible] the 2 1871 [name illegible] hensley was born September the 22 1869 Thomas hensley [illegible] october the 2 1866 Julius A hensley was Born october 2 1876 [column 2] DEATHS. Jo Thomas hensley was Born the 25th october frank hensley was Born september the 22 1869 Saley R hensley was Born July the 2 1871 Lulu T henssley was Born may the 11 1874 Julius henssly was born october the 22 1876 H F Hensley was Born July 19 1832

Source: North Carolina Digital Collections

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