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Preservation North Carolina Historic Architecture Slide Collection, 1965-2005

Preservation North Carolina

1. Caswell County, NC; Bartlett Yancey House (Yanceyville) (PNC) 110 slides, 1977-2004    [PNC01 Box 4, Folder 25]

2. Caswell County, NC; Caswell County Motor Building (Yanceyville) (PNC) 47 slides, 1995-2001    [PNC01 Box 5, Folder 1]

3. Caswell County, NC; Martin-Herndon House/Sally Martin House (Yanceyville) (PNC) 20 slides, 1985-2001     [PNC01 Box 5, Folder 2]

4. Caswell County, NC; Clarendon Hall (PNC) 112 slides, 1981-1998     [PNC01 Box 5, Folder 3]

5. Caswell County, NC; Dongola (Yanceyville) (PNC) 32 slides, 1978-1996     [PNC01 Box 5, Folder 4]

6. Caswell County, NC; King House (PNC) 49 slides, 1996-1998     [PNC01 Box 5, Folder 5]

7. Caswell County, NC; Gatewood House (Yanceyville) (PNC) 18 slides, 1996     [PNC01 Box 5, Folder 6]

8. Caswell County, NC; Kerr House (Yanceyville) (PNC) 8 slides, 1988-1993     [PNC01 Box 5, Folder 7]

9. Caswell County, NC; Moore Gwynn House (Yanceyville) (PNC) 101 slides, 1993-2000     [PNC01 Box 5, Folder 8]

10. Caswell County, NC; Thomas Day House / Yellow Tavern / Union Tavern (PNC) 43 slides, 1990-2001     [PNC01 Box 5, Folder 9]

11. Caswell County, NC; Oliver House (Milton) (PNC) 1 slide, undated     [PNC01 Box 5, Folder 10]

12. Caswell County, NC; Zimmerman Cottage (PNC) 23 slides, 1994-1995     [PNC01 Box 5, Folder 11]

13. Caswell County, NC; Brown's Store; Griffin House; Caswell County Courthouse; Christ Episcopal Church (now Milton Women's Club); (not PNC) 20 slides, 1985-2001     [PNC01 Box 5, Folder 12]

14. Caswell County, NC; Country Store (Yanceyville); Graves Store; Hatchett House; Hunting Lodge; Lea's Tavern; (Not PNC) 14 slides, 1983-1994     [PNC01 Box 5, Folder 13]

15. Caswell County, NC; Florence House (Yanceyville); Forest Hill; Jones House (Milton); Main Street (Milton); (not PNC) 16 slides, 1980-1990     [PNC01 Box 5, Folder 14]

16. Caswell County, NC; Longwood (Not PNC) 33 slides, 1996     [PNC01 Box 5, Folder 15]

17. Caswell County, NC; Milton School; Milton State Bank; Milton Vic. Depot; Presbyterian Church; Price House; (Not PNC) 13 slides, 1989-1995     [PNC01 Box 5, Folder 16]

18. Caswell County, NC; Rotary Club House (Yanceyville) (Not PNC) 10 slides, 1996     [PNC01 Box 5, Folder 17]

19. Caswell County, NC; Shangri-La; un-named house in Milton; Stevens House; "Stir Coat" house"; Swann-Stephens House; Thomas House/store; Williams House; Walton House; Main Street (Milton); Winstead House; (Not PNC) 38 slides, 1980-1994     [PNC01 Box 5, Folder 18]

20. Caswell County, NC; Woodside Inn (Milton) (Not PNC) 17 slides, 1993     [PNC01 Box 5, Folder 19]

21. Caswell County, NC; Yarbrough House (Milton) (Not PNC) 18 slides, 1996     [PNC01 Box 5, Folder 20]

The Preservation North Carolina Historic Architecture Slide Collection documents historic properties in 91 of North Carolina's 100 counties. Slides in this collection date between 1965 and 2005, with the majority falling between 1979 and 2003; and document many types of buildings, including houses, schools, churches, retail establishments, barns, hospitals, mills, courthouses, banks, lighthouses, and theaters. The slides are in color and are primarily full-building exterior shots, though some show streetscapes, landscapes, building interiors, and indoor or outdoor architectural details. Some properties in this collection are listed on the National Register of Historic Places and/or in the Historic American Buildings Survey. The collection includes slides of many properties that are protected by Preservation NC covenants, as well as slides of properties that are not protected by PNC (marked "Not PNC") but are of value for architectural and/or historic interests. A small number of buildings represented in this collection have been moved to new locations, have been demolished, or have been restored since the slides in this collection were taken. Documentation of some properties includes slides taken both before and after restoration efforts. The majority of the slides are marked with building name, county and town of location, and date photographed. Some slides also include building alternate name(s), photographer name, and other information as applicable, such as information about building rehabilitation or relocation. Digital images are available at the website The Built Heritage of North Carolina: Historical Architecture in the Old North State. The Tim Buchman Photographs are owned by Preservation North Carolina and are stored on their premises. Please contact PNC in order to access the originals.

Preservation North Carolina (PNC) was founded in 1939 and is a private nonprofit organization devoted to protecting and promoting buildings, landscapes, and sites that are important to the heritage of North Carolina. As of 2008, Preservation NC has saved more than 500 endangered historic properties through its endangered properties program, in which the organization acquires endangered historic properties and finds purchasers willing and able to rehabilitate them. Preservation NC also extends its mission of historic preservation through workshops, publications, legislative advocacy, and education; and operates museums at the Bellamy Mansion in Wilmington and Ayr Mount in Hillsborough.

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