Saturday, June 04, 2011

Milton Photograph c.1948/1949

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Front Row: Martha Ann Bradsher; Evangeline (Van) Newman.

Second Row: Unidentified Woman (light dress); Unidentified Woman (dark dress with light collar); Unidentified Woman (necklace); Unidentified Woman (wearing hat); Mother of Evangeline (Van) Newman (light dress with flower; maiden surname Glidewell); Newman Brother (suit and cigarette; father of Evangeline (Van) Newman).

Third Row: Unidentified Man (partial head only); Unidentified Woman (head only, tilted to left); Unidentified Man (partial head only); Possibly Jay or John Foote (are twins; tall, wearing suspenders); Possibly Mildred Newman (head only, wearing lipstick); Jacob Thompson Bradsher (tall, open shirt); Newman Brother.

Fourth Row: Unidentified Man (top of head only).

Photograph courtesy Martha Bradsher Spencer.

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