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Crowell Motor Company

Crowell Automobile Company employees in 1927:

Johnnie Gunn, Manager (seated to left with white shirt)

Lynn Bowe, Utility (seated beside Johnnie Gunn) [Probably Lucza Bowe (born c. 1905)]

Standing, Left-to-Right:

E. L. Poteat, Salesman [Earmine Lee Poteat, Sr. (1898-1979)]
Otis Powell, Mechanic [Otis A. Powell (1900-1960]
T. H. Hodges, Salesman [Thomas Hiram Hodges (1882-1972)]
Woody Lillard, Shop Foreman [Woody Lillard (born c. 1893)]
Pattie Gunn, Office [Pattie Griffin Gunn (1895-1956), sister of Johnnie Gunn]
Hubert Page, Stock Room [Hubert Hodnett Page (1897-1974)]
Harry Bradner, Mechanic [Harry Bradner (1898-1980)]
Loyd Johnson, Mechanic [Loyd Johnson (born c. 1883]

Crowell Auto Co./Caswell Auto Co. Building (Yanceyville, North Carolina)  

Historical Information

Book 1:1; page 359: Clinton Lodge #107, Yanceyville, purchased lot #1 on public square, Sept. 26, 1856 from William P. Brown.

Erected Lodge Hall in 1894.

Book 53; page 208-209: Building sold in 1897 to J. Archie Long for $1600 at auction.

Book 61; page 169: Deeded lot and building to H. W. Perry in 1906 for $1200.

Book YY; page 407: Mrs. Perry deeded property to Crowell Auto Co. In 1917 for $3,000. Used by Crowell to sell Ford Automobile products; later became Caswell Motor Co.

Book 95, page 535: Building and dealership purchased by John O. Gunn, 1936.

Book  EE, page 261: Plat.

Book 154, page 579: J. O. Gunn deeded to Ann Gunn Everitt, who in turn deeded the building to Piedmont Community College.

Other Information

Size: about 12,750 sq. feet (on three levels)
Tax value (1/1/96): $49,961

Other Uses of Building

1930's to spring 1970: Caswell Motor Co.; with upper floor used by various offices.
1970-1972: used by Caswell County Sheriff's Dept.
1976-1988: Super Dollar Store, with upper floor used by Caswell Parish & other offices.
1990: Last used; upper office area by Caswell Co-op. Knitters.
2015: Building demolished.

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