Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Caswell Motor Company


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One of the slide show photographs is of Crowell Automobile Company employees in 1927:

Johnnie Gunn, Manager (seated to left with white shirt)

Lynn Bowe, Utility (seated beside Johnnie Gunn) [Probably Lucza Bowe (born c. 1905)]

Standing, Left-to-Right:

E. L. Poteat, Salesman [Earmine Lee Poteat, Sr. (1898-1979)]
Otis Powell, Mechanic [Otis A. Powell (1900-1960]
T. H. Hodges, Salesman [Thomas Hiram Hodges (1882-1972)]
Woody Lillard, Shop Foreman [Woody Lillard (born c. 1893)]
Pattie Gunn, Office [Pattie Griffin Gunn (1895-1956), sister of Johnnie Gunn]
Hubert Page, Stock Room [Hubert Hodnett Page (1897-1974)]
Harry Bradner, Mechanic [Harry Bradner (1898-1980)]
Loyd Johnson, Mechanic [Loyd Johnson (born c. 1883]

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