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Aquilla Wilson Day: 1830 NC Statute

North Carolina General Assembly

An Act to authorise Aquilla Day, otherwise called Aquilla Wilson, a free person of colour to reside in this State. 1830-1831 79 (1830).

A Bill to Authorize Aquilla Day, A Free Person of Color to Reside in This State After Her Marriage to Thomas Day, the Furniture Maker from Milton, Caswell County, North Carolina, 23 December 1831. Location: North Carolina State Archives.

Petition 11283003 Details
Location: Caswell, North Carolina
Salutation: To the Honourable the General Assembly of the State of North Carolina
Filing Court and Date: Legislative, 1830-December-1
Ending Court and Date: Legislative, 1830-December-30
General Petition Information

Abstract: Sixty-eight citizens of the town of Milton ask that Aquilla Wilson, a free woman of color of Halifax, Virginia, be exempted from an 1826 North Carolina law "entitled 'An act to prevent free persons of Colour from migrating into this state, for the good government of such persons resident in the State, and for other purposes.'" They state that Aquilla married Thomas Day, a free man of color whom they describe as a "Cabinet maker by trade, a first rate workman, a remarkably sober, steady and industrious man--, a highminded, good and valuable Citizen." They therefore pray that an act be passed "giving said Aquilla, the priviledge of migrating to this state." In his affidavit, R. M. Saunders avers that said Day is "of very fair character -- an excellent mechanic, industrious, honest and sober in his habits and in the event of any disturbance amongst the blacks I should rely with confidence upon a disclosure from him as he is the owner of Slaves as well as of real estate."
Result: granted

# of Petition Pages: 3

Related Documents: Affidavit of R.M, Saunders, 1 December 30; Bill to authorize Aquilla Day, otherwise called Aquilla Wilson, a free person of color to reside in the state, 30 December 1830

Pages of Related Documents: 3

People Associated with Petition 11283003
Slaves: 0
Free Persons of Color: 2
Defendants: 0
Petitioners: 10
Other People: 0

Citation Information

Repository: North Carolina Department of Archives and History, Raleigh, North Carolina

General Assembly, Session Records, House Bills, November 1830--January 1831
Box: 2

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Book Edition?: Yes
Record Created: 10/29/1997
Record Final Edited: 4/1/1998
Record Last Updated on: 8/15/2008 4:25:00 PM
Source: Digital Library on American Slavery.

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