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Annie Day Robinson Letter 1895

Set forth below is the text of a letter written to Annie Day Robinson concerning the death of her father Thomas Day, Jr. (1835-1895):

Franklin Washington
Oct 13th 1895

Mrs. Annie D. Robinson
#146 Fayettvill [sic] St
Durham, N C

Dear Madam

It is quite a sad affair which has happened here in our little town for the last two weeks.

I presume Mr. R. M. Gibson [Romulus Monroe Gibson] wrote you something concerning your father's death (or rather about the murder of him) which happened on Sunday night Sept. 22nd. But before Mr. Gibson could receive an answer from you he laid cold in the clay himself and his wife asked me to answer this letter and explain as near as possible the sad knews [sic] of both their deaths.

Mr. (or Bro) Day was firing a set of boilers which ran a fan which furnished air for the miners. It was situated about 1/2 mile from any ones house upon the mountain.

Some one, God only knows sneaked upon him and killed him while he was at his work late in the night. He was found by his Relief Monday morning. I swore out a complaint against the man who was living with Mrs. Day and arrested him, placed him in Jail. But wait, I am ahead of my story. Mr. Gibson and I found tracks leading away from where your Father layed. We measured the track and supposed them to be David Bannister's.

I swore out a warrant against him, arrested him, and put him in Jail after holding him until the sheriff and prosecuting attorney came and took the shoes from off his feet and found them to fit the track. I think it is a clear case against him. The Brethren are doing all in the power to find out who did do the Cowardly Crime. Tho it is the supposition of every body here in the Camp that David Bannister did kill him and he is now in the County Jail awaiting trial without Bail.

I am allmost [sic] certain he will be convicted of murder in the first degree, which means death to him also.

Do not worry, for if there is any way in the world for your Father's death to be avenged it will be did, for there is men here who would do anything almost to satisfy their minds about the way he was so brutaly [sic] murdered.

Now concerning Mr. R. M. Gibson's death, which happened Friday morning Oct the 4th. He was watchman here at one of the plants -- the Boilers Exploded and scalled him to death. He lived until Saturday morning the 5th and died. He was buried Sunday the 6th. He was looking after the Old Man's business. He had all of the papers and things and all of his wearing appearals [sic].

Some of the Brethren was thinking of having an administrator appointed to look after his business and also after the little child. From what I can learn he has some land down in what is called the Yackama Valley. I can't say how it stands. I know he bought land down their about  2 or 3 years ago.

If I was you I would look after this matter and not let her (his wife) get her hands on a cent of his money or his yearning [earning?]. The little Girl is still living and is well.

If there is anything I can do towards helping you out in this matter let me know.

I am Respectfully yours.

G. A. Whitney

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