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Life in the Good Old Days in Alamance, Caswell, and Rockingham Counties

Life in the Good Old Days in Alamance, Caswell, and Rockingham Counties 

Lasley, R. T. and Holt, Sallie, Editors. Life in the Good Old Days in Alamance, Caswell, and Rockingham Counties. Hickory (N.C.): Hometown Memories Publishing, 2005.

Articles Related to Caswell County, North Carolina:

1. "Dreaming of Lamp Light and Dirt Floors" by Ocie Graves Bigelow
2. "A Special Place to Be From" by Lee P. Brandon
3. "Angels and Missionaries" by Violet Brown-Riley
4. "Change, Growth and the Circle of Life" by Lois Simmons
5. "No Strangers in Caswell County" by Linda Ellen Cowager

6. "The First Car" by Clifton Brown, Jr. (born 1939 in Caswell County)

7. "Caswell County and Me" by Marshall L. Scruggs (lived between Providence and Purley)
8. "Fluid Art Discouraged" by Jerry L. Cole
9. "A Milton to Come Home To" by Jean B. Scott
10. "Child of a Sharecropper" by Betty Thaxton

11. "Remembering Semora" by Jackie Blalock Ransdell

12. "A List of Memories" by Rebecca Willis Maya (born Caswell County 1937)
13. "The Dishwashing Injury" by Mary Sue Wright (born 1937 in Caswell County)
14. "That Little Readheaded Girl" by Lelia Neal Essic (born 1922 in Caswell County)
15. "Waiting for the Rawleigh Man" by Dr. Houston G. Jones (born 1924 in Caswell County)

16. "The Luziane Horse" by Nancy Isley Chatman of Yanceyville

17. "The Poteat House" by Carolyn Bason Long (born 1922 in Yanceyville)
18. "Digging for the Tree Stump Baby" by Joyce B. Badgett (born 1934 in Caswell County)
19. "Rabbit Salad" by Ada Kirby Nicks (born 1925 in Caswell County)
20. "A Good Raising for Ten Children" by Annie Mae Brown Gunn (born 1934 in Caswell County)

21. "Mule Riding, Milking, Egg Laying and Bible Talking" by Edwena Kirby (born 1953 in Caswell County)
22. "Where Kings Have Not Walked" by Alice Jones Charette of Milton, Caswell County, North Carolina
23. "Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child" by Barbara Shelton (born 1955 in Caswell County)
24. "Riding a Mule Named Pat" by Sallie Brown Thompson (born 1942 in Caswell County)

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