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Caswell County Historical Association: Presidents

CCHA History: Presidents

On March 28, 1956, twenty-four interested people met in the Agriculture Building in Yanceyville to discuss organizing a historical association for Caswell County. Were you alive then?

The stated purpose of the organization would be to “do all in its power to collect and preserve the available historical material connected with the history of Caswell County.”

Miss Anne Yancey (Annie) Gwynn was named chairperson of the group. At the next meeting she was elected president, with:

James Yancey Blackwell vice president

Mrs. John Yancey Gatewood second vice president (Maud Gatewood’s mother),

Ben Miles third vice president

Mrs. Alice W. Smith secretary and

James Ezekiel (Zeke) Anderson treasurer (Sallie Anderson’s husband).

There is much more on the CCHA’s history, but in this post we wanted to share a list of CCHA Presidents:

1. Anne Yancey (Annie) Gwynn (1891-1985)
2. Carolyn McLin Moore Upchurch Thomas (1915-2006)
3. Mary Yarbrough McAden Satterfield (1911-2003)
4. James Ezekiel Anderson (1914-2005) (elected but could not serve)
5. Mrs. Arthur Smith (not further identified)

6. Stephen Edward (Steve) Walker (1923-2004)
7. John Burch Blaylock (1909-1995)
8. Mary Skipwith Brown (1905-1995)
9. Mary Yarbrough McAden Satterfield (1911-2003) (served six months)
10. Sallie Banks Newman (1893-1993)

11. Millard Quentin Plumblee (1906-1987)
12. Florence Anne Taylor Daniel
13. James L. Ray, Jr. (not further identified; but apparently President on May 12, 1999)
14. Elizabeth Pierce Parker McPherson (1920-2019)
15. Karen Duzan Oestreicher

16. Sallie Gibson Smith
17. James C. (Jim) Hilton, Jr.

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