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Milton Female Academy 1819

Milton Female Academy, 1819.

The building for the Female Academy in this place, being nearly completed, the Trustees take this method to inform the public, that it will go into operation on the 2d Monday in January next under the special direction and superintendence of the Rev. Abner W. Clopton.

In employing Mr. Clopton to superintend the Academy, they have not only consulted their own feelings in regard to a public ministry, but they have had also particular regard to public sentiment in relation to the institution. Most parents choose to place their daughters at institutions where they may enjoy the advantages of religious instruction. And while the Trustees have acted with deference to this disposition, they have taken the necessary steps to secure the most efficient means of combining, with religious privileges, the best opportunities of the literary and ornamental branches of education. For this purpose they expect to have two of the best tutoresses that can be procured from Philadelphia or New York.

The prices of Board and Tuition will be regulated by those of the Oxford Female Academy, and will be required in advance. The first session will end on the second Monday in June.

By order, R. M. Sanders [Saunders], Sec'y.

Having been employed by the Trustees to superintend the Female Academy, in Milton, I submit the following remarks to the consideration of such as may be unacquainted with the prospects of this institution. While literary institutions are constantly multiplying, it must be a subject of pleasing reflection to pious parents, if not to others, that religious instruction forms a prominent feature in some of these institutions.

It is a fact too notorious to be doubted, and too serious not to be lamented, that many parents have awfully neglected the pious instruction of their children. The superintendent of the Salem Academy having been consulted on the subject gave it as his decided opinion, that a minister of the Gospel should take charge of our institution. And the Trustees, wishing to give to their system of education every advantage that the public might require, determined to follow his counsel.

We cannot, at present, name our Tutoresses. But it may be confidently understood, that none but such as are in all respects qualified, will be employed. The Trustees would not have delayed the procurement of them until this time, if they had not been disappointed in their expectations of obtaining some from Elizabeth Town. There will be public worship, in the Academy, regularly twice on every Lord's day — in the forenoon and at night; and the pupils will have religious exercises appointed them invariably, on the afternoon of the same day.

Parents may be well assured also, that their daughters, while here, will be as effectually debarred from all scenes of profane merriment, and revelling, as are the pupils of the Salem School. Milton, N. C, December 2, 1819, A. W. Clopton.

In addition to the above, the Trustees have the pleasure to announce to the public, that two young Ladies, by the name of Thomas, of the city of New York, having offered their services, will be employed as Tutoresses in our Academy. These ladies, being members of the Episcopal Church, whose pastor is the Rev. Mr. Lyle, will come recommended by him; and by the Rev. Dr. Spring, pastor of the Presbyterian Church; and by the Rev. Mr. Williams, pastor of the 2d Baptist church, in the city of New York.

Raleigh Register, December 31, 1819
(Source: North Carolina Schools and Academies, 1790-1840, By Charles L. Coon 1914)

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