Thursday, October 17, 2019

Kirk Soldier "Deviltry"

"More Deviltry.--A correspondent from Yanceyville says, Kirk's Major arrested three more men yesterday (Sunday)--John G. Lea, Nat. Lea and Capt. T. N. Jordan, the last named for refusing to lend the Major a horse. That is a pretty piece of business, to arrest a man because he didn't choose to lend him his horse; yet it is no worse than a thousand other acts of lawlessness and indignity that have been practiced on our citizens."

The Wilmington Journal (Wilmington, North Carolina), 26 August 1870.

The John G. Lea arrested most likely is John Green Lea. His "confession" helped explain the 1870 killing of John Walter Stephens that resulted in the presence in Yanceyville of Kirk and his soldiers. See photograph.

Nat. Lea probably is Nathaniel Preston Lea, younger brother of John Green Lea. He was born c.1849. No death date is known.

Captain T. N. Jordan most likely is Captain Thomas Norfleet Jordan (1842-1903), who lost an arm in the Civil War. He served as Caswell County, North Carolina tax collector and treasurer 1870-1871.

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