Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Elizabeth Thompson's Third-Grade Reindeer

"My mother took this picture and one of each of the groups that appeared in the play. The hidden reindeer may have been Earl Smith, Jr. There was a group of reindeer, elves, snowmen. and chimney sweeps.

"Harriet Johnston was Mrs. Claus and John Webster was Santa.

"The story line also included a set of figures that Santa's elves had made. Dolls were personified by Linda Gunn as a china doll (geisha?), Linda Cook as a ballerina, Judy Buchannan as a baby doll. Sarah Sykes and Linda Durham were also dolls but I don't remember what they were.

"There were four cowboys: Carroll Aldridge, Robert Crumpton, Charles McMullin and Richard Rogers. Patsy Chistenbury played the magic fairy that introduced each group. Every group performed a little skit and/or song. My mother gave every member a photograph of his/her group. I used to have an entire set but it was lost somewhere along the way.

"I think Doris Potter England narrated the play. I remember Paul Goforth was one of the elves. Many names are lost to my memory because I don't have the set of pictures to refer to. Elizabeth. Thompson made sure that every member of the class had a part in the play and it was a big hit for the elementary classes and I think we may have performed it more than once."

Source: Carroll Aldridge 25 September 2019 Post to the Caswell County Historical Association Facebook Page.

The mother of Carroll Lee Aldridge is Luetta Carroll Aldridge (1914-1997). The photograph was taken in 1956. At some point it was reprinted in The Caswell Messenger (Yanceyville, North Carolina) as part of that newspaper's "OUt of the Past" series.

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