Saturday, June 01, 2019

Caswell County Dog Catcher

Caswell County's First Dog Catcher

In 1956 the Caswell County Board of Commissioners approved the position of a full-time "dog warden" with a salary of $225 per month. The Board also voted $2,000 to erect a dog pound and $200 "for food, water and electricity and other needed supplies for operation of the dog pound." The Board also was to purchase a truck equipped for use by the dog warden in catching stray dogs and taking them to the pound.

Men who applied for the dog warden job: Vance Wrenn, John W. Newnam, Jr., F. A. Williamson, Nathaniel Willis, Jr., and J. H. Wilkins.

The Bee (Danville, Virginia), 24 May 1956, Thursday, Page 22.

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