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Mary Ann Pinnix Letter 1841

Letter from Mary Ann Pinnix (1816-1888) to her aunt (a sister of Reverend John Kerr (1782-1842). The letter was posted from Salt Sulphur Springs, VA (now WV) a resort on the popular "sprigs tour." Mary Ann had been to White Sulphur then to Blue Sulphur, on to Salt Sulphur and presumably Sweet Springs (near Union WV), and then was planning a return to Danville, Virginia.

Salt Sulphur, August 13, 1841

I wrote to you from the White Sulphur and had hoped to receive here a letter from you in reply but in this I have been disappointed.

We reached this place last Monday. We left the Blue in company with Mr. Galloway, Mr. Leech and Mr. Patrick. The company here is principally composed of aristocratic South Carolinians, consequently there is our little sociability. But our company is very pleasant. My old friend Mary Perkins of whom you have heard me speak, arrived a few days since and we are again happy in the company of each other.

I've heard of you since we left Danville through Mr. Kerr's jr family physician who also informed us of the partial recovery of your daughter in law.

During the whole summer w whole Providence has preserved the health of the family and I think that all of us have been benefitted by travelling.

I received a letter a few days since from a friend saying that he would preach with pleasure the first Sunday in September. You can inform Mr. Kerr of this as he wished to make an appointment for him.

I fear my dear Aunt that you have been giving yourself unnecessary trouble in regard to a certain matter let me beg you again not to do so. I have another request to make of you that you will be kind enough to have a dove coloured drawn silk bonnet made for me. I would prefer plain silk but if that cannot be procured, plaid or striped will answer and please let the bonnet be drawn not plain. Ma begs that you will have those three gowns and the white dress done up for her but I suppose you have already had it done. I feel that I can never be too thankful to you for your kindness. I can only repay you with my affection. Cornelia received a letter from her mother saying that she and the doctor are very much obliged to you for their invitations and would accept it.

I am writing in the greatest hurry (as the mail will close in a few moments) and with a miserable pen, therefore I hope you will excuse this miserable scrawl and let no one see it. We leave this place next week, when we go to the Sweet and then to Danville where we shall probably arrive on the 3rd or 4th of September

Ma & Pa send their love to you and Mr Kerr. Cornelia is still where a gimaal.

My Dear Bro Kerr,

Bro Brante has assented to the request to preach in Danville the first Sunday in September 5th. I do not know who will be there … but probably and if he, no doubt, will fall a last of the day, we are all mercifully ….and looking forward to the …..all early

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