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Road Improvements in Caswell County, North Carolina 1923

Road Improvement in This Section

New Road in Caswell

C. H. Giles, resident engineer of the state highway commission who is located at Yanceyville, gives out the following information relative to the progress of road construction in Caswell under the direction of the commission:

"Project No. 511, leading from Yanceyville to the Alamance county line and which has been under way for some time, has been slowed up for the following reasons: Unanticipated excess of rock, and the long hauls made necessary on account of the scarcity of the required top-soil. However, we hope to have the road ready for state acceptance by fall.

"This road when completed will be a travel continuation of No. 14 leading from Danville to Yanceyville and will put the farmers of South Caswell in easy access to the Danville markets. Beyond Yanceyville, this road, winding its way among the "hills of Country Line,' is one of scenic beauty -- rivaling the roads of our mountain sections.

"Project No. 512 -- The Reidsville-Yanceyville highway, has been under construction for only 90 days but is now 51 per cent complete and we may reasonably expect a completion of this project by September 1st. Project No. 513, which was located by the state engineering forces last spring has not been let. This road will connect Yanceyville with the Reidsville road and will extend through the southeast section of Caswell, by way of Topnot and Hightowers to Prospect Hill."

Road Work in Caswell is Proceeding Smoothly

Acting Superintendent T. H. Hatchett, of the Caswell road construction forces, is actively at work with three separate road outfits. While the extremely dry condition of the soil is hindering to some extent the work goes merrily on. His supervisors have been assigned as follows:

R. M. Pleasant in Pelham township; Jeter Fuqua in Leasburg township; Felix Blackwell in Stoney Creek.

Mr. Pleasant is completing the grading of the road from Gatewood's store, near the Virginia line, to Pelham and some top soiling has been done.

Mr. Fuqua is building a road from Tiptop through the Stevens' section, and will connect with the topsoil road leading from Milton to Baynes.

Mr. Blackwell's road is being built from Concord church to the Alamance county line.

Superintendent Hatchett has added an extra outfit under Robert Jones. A road is being built through the town of Yanceyville by him. This new road, which is sometimes called Greensboro street, will add very materially to the town of Yanceyville.

-- Yanceyville Cor. Danville News.

The Reidsville Review (Reidsville, North Carolina), 13 June 1923, Wednesday, Page 1.

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