Friday, October 12, 2018

George Beauregard Yarbrough (1861-1932)

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Caswell Man Manufactures Sweet-Toned Instruments [Webmaster's Note: We will not correct the spelling of Yarbrough.]

Mr. George B. Yarborough, of the far-famed Yarboroug's Mill section, is proving himself both a mechanical genius and a musical artist, and the splendid sweet-toned musical instruments which he is now making for his own pleasure and amusement could be turned into a big industry that would bring thousands and thousands of willing dollars into Caswell County and make George Yarborough a high-class international musical instrument manufacturer instead of the obscure local genius that he is today.

Mr. Yarborough possess [sic] not only musical talent, but also possess [sic] the genius to construct some stringed musical instruments from which he is able to extract some delightfully sweet and entrancing melody.

This latter statement was amply demonstrated last Monday when Mr. Yarborough brought a beautifully finished "dulcimer" which he had made himself, and treated his friends with a number of selections of the sweetest and most melodious music ever heard in this old town. -- Milton News.

Source: The Reidsville Review (Reidsville, North Carolina), 18 September 1917, Tuesday, Page 1.

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