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Caswell County Mills

Caswell County Mills

From Caswell County Court Records (date is when mill petition was filed with court)

John Riley Mill (Country Line Creek) (1777)
William Ragsdale Mill (Country Line Creek) (1777)
John Gunn Mill (Fork Mayo-Mill Creek) (1778)
Goodloe Warren (Cain Creek) (1778)
Abraham Miles (Moon's Creek) (1779)
Robert Burton (Hogan's Creek) (1780)
Thomas Donoho (Rattlesnake Creek) (1780)
Thomas Wynn (1780)
E. Dolarhide (1782)
Henry Howard (Marley's Creek) (1782)
John Womack (Flat River) (1782)
James Pulliam (Negro Creek) (1783)
Paul Haralson (Marley's Creek) (1783)
Stephen Williamson (Horsely's Creek) (1784)
Major Lea (Country Line Creek) (1784)
John Atkinson (1785)
James Bozwell (Negro Creek) (1787)
John Johnston (Moore's Creek) (1789)
William Slade (Rattlesnake Creek)

Branson's North Carolina Business Directory (1867-1868
Mills and Mill Owners

Blackwell’s Mill, Blackwells, Blackwell (John B.) & Mitchell (A. J.)
Bayne’s Mill, Anderson’s Store, Thornton Y. Bayne
Graves’ Mill, Yanceyville, William B. Graves
Hunt’s Mill, Milton, Hunt (L. H.) & Walker (H. A.)
Long’s Mill, Milton, Wm. Long
Lea’s Mill, Yanceyville, Sidney S. Lea
Malone’s Mill, Leasburg, Malone (Jas) & Currie (T. W.)
Oliver’s Mill, Hightowers, Iverson L. Oliver
Richmond’s Mill, Hightowers, James Y. Richmond
Staddler’s Mill, Anderson’s Store, R. E. Staddler
Smith’s Mill, Leasburg, Rich. I. Smith
Slade’s Mill, Yanceyville, Thos. Slade
Slade’s Mill, Yanceyville, Wm. & Abisha Slade
Womack’s Mill, Yanceyville, Thomas J. Womack
Walker’s Mill, Anderson’s Store, Mrs. Rachel Walker
Williamson’s Mill, Locust Hill, Estate Dr. Jas. E. Willliamson
Walters’ Mill, _______, A. G. Walters
Yarborough’s Mill, Milton, J. J. Yarbrough
Yarborough’s Mill, A. J. & R. L. Yarbrough

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