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Eubank Family Marriages (Caswell County, North Carolina)

Caswell County, North Carolina, Marriage Bonds: Eubank Family

James Eubank - Elisabeth Eubanks
1 December 1791
Clayton Jones, J. Womack

George Eubank - Dicey Malone
3 September 1799
William Burch

 Stephen Malone - Celey Parks
 1 October 1804
 George Eubank

William Burch - Betsey Eubank
21 June 1805
William Hester

Loney Malone - Nancy Eubank
27 March 1811
Philip Burch

Roward Larkin - Frances Eubank
3 March 1816
Thomas Tindil, Isaac Rainey

Stephen Bowles - Mary Eubank
16 October 1818
Miles Wells, Jr.

Jacob M. Graves, Jr. - Polly Eubank
13 September 1827
Miles Kimbrough

Thomas Eubank - Nancey Graves
16 December 1828
Abel Faulks

David Ellison - Lucretia Eubank
24 December 1818
Robert McKee

William J. McDaniel - Priscilla Newbank [Eubank?]
23 May 1832
Solomon Whitlow

William B. Anderson - Sophia Williams
14 December 1858
George W. Eubank


1. The earliest Eubank/Eubanks Caswell County marriage record is in 1791.

2. William Burch served as a bondsman or witness in the 1799 marriage bond of George Eubank and Dicey Malone; and in 1805 a William Burch apparently married Betsey Eubank.

3. George Eubank served as a bondsman or witness in the 1804 marriage bond of Stephen Malone and Celey Parks, possibly underlining the relationship between the Eubank and Malone families, which is underscored by the Loney Malone/Nancy Eubank 1811 marriage bond (with Philip Burch as bondsman/witnesses).  A Malone family is associated with Leasburg, Caswell County, North Carolina.

4. Eubank/Graves family relationship: Jacob M. Graves, Jr./Polly Graves in 1827 (Miles Kimbrough bondsman/witness); Thomas Eubank/Nancey Graves in 1828.

5. A George W. Eubank was available in 1858 to serve as a bondsman or witness in a Caswell County marriage bond.

6. Nancey is a nickname for Ann. Polly is a nickname for Mary.

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