Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Milton Newspapers (Milton, North Carolina)

Milton Gazette Newspaper: 1826

John Campbell, Jr., of Orange County, North Carolina, to George Williamson and Archimedes Donoho, trustees -- whereas John Campbell, Jr., has purchased of Benjamin Cory of Milton the house and lot heretofore occupied by Cory as a book store and printing office on 20 April 1826 and also the establishment where the Milton Gazette is published; Campbell in debt to Cory for $1200 and bond jointly signed by John Campbell Sen; to Ragland & McGehee, Morgan & Bradford; also printing materials and press $423 made by Rounages, pica type, italia type, English roman type, et al. 25 July 1826. Witnesses: Chas Willson, Willis Jones.

Caswell County, North Carolina
Deed Book W, Pages 337-339

In 1824, Benjamin Cory was the printer and publisher of the "Milton Gazette and Roanoke Advertiser." The subscription price was $3 annually, and the paper was published weekly. Cory continued to advertise in the newspaper his book store and printing services. He described his book store and printing shop as nearly opposite the store of D. & W. Kyle.

The March 1827 issue of this newspaper contained an advertisement by Thomas Day, Cabinet Maker; and one by Jesse Owen (Saddle & Harness Making): see earlier post.

John Campbell, Jr., first appears as the newspaper's printer and publisher in the 1 March 1827 issue, operating from the Milton Book Store.

It appears that the Milton Gazette & Roanoke Advertiser was printed from the Cory/Campbell print shop (and book/stationery store). Must check to see if later Milton newspapers were printed from the same location, which is likely as the printing equipment already was in place.

There was an older building on that lot that my mother said was once the newspaper building. It was later used as a feed and seed storage building for the Brandon Store. Later torn down for Thomas Service Station gas tanks. Not sure it was as old as first quarter 19th century. (Source: Jim Upchurch 24 April 2018).

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