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Caswell County in the World War 1917-1918

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Anderson, George A., Compiler. Caswell County in the World War 1917-1918: Service Records of Caswell County [White] Men. Raleigh: Edwards and Broughton Printing Co., 1921.

After World War I concluded, the Caswell County Commissioners asked George A. Anderson (then Superintendent of Education) to write character sketches of the Caswell County soldiers who served during World War I. Unfortunately, either this request was limited to white soldiers or Anderson so interpreted the request.

The book is dedicated to four white Caswell County soldiers known to have died: Benjamin Franklin Brooks; Algernon Sidney Neal; Roy Patillo; and George Thomas Warren. There were more, but Anderson apparently did not have adequate documentation. See the photograph of the 1929 World War I memorial, which itself is incomplete

Anderson also described the efforts of the American Red Cross (Caswell County Chapter), the registration of men for the draft, the contributions of Robert L. Mitchelle, Robert Thomas Wilson, the Legal Advisory Board, E. F. Upchurch, those who helped with occupational cards, the Y.M.C.A., Cary H. King, J. F. Walters, Franklin Rudolph Warren, Dr. Stephen Arnold Malloy, and Dr. Robert Franklin Warren.

The book also describes the Caswell County Militia and lists its members.

To see this book online go to Caswell County in the World War. It is a large PDF file and may take a while to load.

Set forth below is a list of the soldiers (and one nurse) Anderson included in the book, with the name spelling he used.

Allen, Walters J.
Allen, Wilson
Allison, Earl Farriss
Anderson, Kenneth Gordon
Anderson, Ralph Walker

Barker, Harvey James
Barnett, William Lucian
Baynes, Bascom Thornton
Baynes, James Macon
Blackwell, Hunter
Blackwell, James Yancey
Blackwell, John Reid
Boswell, Thomas Dixon
Bradner, John Claud
Brandon, Emmett Harrold
Brandon, Harvey Hamilton
Briggs, Limmie Hassell
Brooks, Benjamin Franklin
Bucks, Thomas
Burton, Drue Francis
Burton, Robert Bowman
Butler, Jasper Marion
Butler, T. C.

Carter, Louis Glenn
Chandler, Alvis Julian
Clark, Jack
Cobb, William Pink
Coleman, Herbert Webster
Corbett, Lewis Andrew
Covington, Clem DeWitt
Covington, Henry Spencer
Crumpton,Gilbert Lea

Dabbs, Obed
Dameron, Ira
Dameron, Lindsey Marshall
Dameron, Philip Fletcher
Daniels, Berkley
Davis, Alfred Ellis
Dix, Linwood

East, Fred Preston
Edmunds, David Bernard
Edmunds, Felix Elmer

Featherstone, George Thomas
Fitch, Charlie Lane
Fitzgerald, Paul Vincent
Florance, Alvic Lea
Foster, Rufus Eddie
Fuqua, Arnold Jeter

Gammon, Isaac Dewey
Gatewood, Allen
Goodson, Arthur Berkley
Goodson, Fallon Barksdale
Goodson, Philip L.
Gunn, Henry Allen
Gunn, Sterling Leroy
Gwynn, Allen Hatchett
Gwynn, Annie Yancey
Gwynn, Houston Lafayette

Harrelson, Peter
Harrison, Isaac Douglass
Harvey, J. S.

Jeffried, Irving Howard
Jones, Clyde Ray
Jones, Marvin Milton

King, James Edwin

Long, Azzie Conally
Long, William Taylor
Lansdell, George Thomas
Lea, William Thomas
Leath, Oscar Wilson
Long, Earl
Lunsford, John Wilbert

McCrary, Thomas Eugene
McGuire, Neal Warren
Malone, Charles Lewis
Martin, George Wesley Thomas
Massey, Azariah Hutchins
Massey, Joseph Earl
Maynard, Reid Atwater
Miles, Robert Edward
Miles, Walter Currie
Mise, William Henry
Moore, Alexander Ross
Moore, Linnie James
Moore, Thomas Edwin
Morgan, George Washington
Murphey, Currie
Murphy, Thomas Wiley

Neal, Algernon Sidney
Newman, Harvey Elliot
Newman, John Anderson
Newman, William Jennings
Norris, Richard Henry

Oakley, Joseph Elliott
Oliver, Malcolm Everett
Oliver, William Thomas

Page, John Bentley
Page, Numa D.
Patillo, Roy
Pinchback, James Weldon
Poteat, Roy
Powell, John Spencer
Powell, Lawrence Lee
Powell, Robert Guy
Powell, Thomas Marshall
Pruitt, Henry

Reagan, James Edgar
Reagan, John Calvin
Roberts, Hilliard Woods
Robinson, John William
Rogers, Charlie Gibbon

Satterfield, Robert Clarence
Satterfield, William Arthur
Seamster, Silas
Slaughter, Irving Lea
Smith, Allie
Smith, Arthur Lewis
Smith, Herman Alonzo
Smith, John Franklin
Smith, John Paul
Smith, Robert Winston
Smith, Walter Herbert
Solomon, Henry Anderson
Somers, Roy Julius
Stadler, John Raleigh
Stamps, John Gwynn
Standfield, James Sidney
Stephens, Voss Mack
Strader, Azariah James
Swann, Nathaniel Henderson
Swift, Vance Everett

Tatum, William F.
Thacker, John Barker
Thomas, Charles Randolph
Thomasson, John Leslie
Thompson, Haywood Ralston
Thompson, William Long
Travis, George Emmett
Travis, Samuel Wesley
Tuck, Ammon Franklin
Tuck, Luther Flournoy
Turner, Edward Oliver
Turner, Henry Franklin

Underwood, Edward Lea

Vernon, Edward Rose
Vernon, Melvin Calvin
Vernon, William Watson

Walker, Harvey Currie
Walker, Julian Franklin
Walker, Richard Calvin
Warren, George Thomas
Warren, Henry Lafayette
Warren, Virgil Leroy
Warren, William Franklin
Watkins, Dee Gee
Williams, Howard Early
Wright, George Marion

Yarbrough, Clem Covington
Yates, Oscar L.

Zimmerman, Marion Tabb

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